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Dedalus Solutions Have Been Chosen for the Highest Number of Hospitals in the Middle East

Founded in 1996, KLAS aims to improve the world’s healthcare by providing accurate data, honest and impartial insights for the healthcare IT industry.

In their latest Middle East and Africa EMR report, published in September 2021, KLAS have examined customer satisfaction, market share and recent wins of EMR vendors in the region.

KLAS report that, over the last five years, Dedalus solutions have been chosen for the highest number of hospitals in the Middle East, with 81, almost double the number of other vendors.

In summary, Dedalus has been given client feedback that suggests an increase in customer satisfaction with an overall performance score of 84.4%, reflecting improved accessibility to knowledgeable support resources.

Dedalus also has the largest total market share in the Middle East, in terms of the number of signed contracts. With 144 facilities, Dedalus has significantly more live facilities than other EMR vendors. Of these, 93 are inpatient hospitals, giving Dedalus the largest installed base of any EMR vendor in this segment.

The largest contract is in partnership with Vodaphone Egypt and is rolling out Enterprise Management solutions to 70 hospitals and 100+ non-inpatient facilities across five regions in Egypt, covering around 9,000 beds.

To date, 10 of these hospitals are now live. In total, 20 hospitals across seven countries in the Middle East are live on one of Dedalus’ platforms. This broad coverage includes Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In Africa, Dedalus has the largest estimated share of hospitals, standing at 78 implementations, with a major presence in the public sector in South Africa.

In relations to customer satisfaction, in 2021, Dedalus is above the market average with a score of 84.4 (against a 100 point scale), continuing a steady improvement over previous surveys (64.3 n 2019 and 73.6 in 2020).

This exceptional improvement in customer satisfaction is reflected in the customer outlook survey, with all customers interviewed being satisfied and committed to stay with Dedalus.

Dedalus performed above the market average across almost all of the customer experience pillars, with ‘executive involvement’, ‘product has needed functionality’ and ‘product supports integration goals’ rating the highest with 8 out of 9.

The ‘quality of phone/web support’, ‘overall product quality’ and ‘money’s worth’ also scored highly with 7.7 out of 9, along with the ‘forecasted overall satisfaction’ also achieving 7.7 out of 9.

From standard yes/no indicators, customers would 100% buy again and 100% considers Dedalus as part of long-term plans. Dedalus also scored 100% for keeping all promises.

The impact of Dedalus’ acquisition of DXC Technology on customer satisfaction is yet to be seen, but two respondents reported improved relationships noting that they were better able to find people within the company that understand their processes and can answer questions. “Forecasting is not easy… but we are confident about the future according to what we are seeing.” (Source: customer interview).

About KLAS

KLAS research logo png

To find transparency in the market, KLAS acquires ‘hard-to-get’ data by building strong relationships with payers and providers within the industry.

The scope of their research is constantly expanding in line with increasingly sophisticated technology, to best fit market needs. Within the Middle East and Africa, KLAS has validated 86 Electronic Medical Records (EMR) purchase decisions over the last five years, impacting over 320 hospitals.

The most recent report, published in September 2021, examines customer satisfaction, market share and recent wins of EMR vendors in the region.

About Dedalus

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Founded in Florence, 1980, Dedalus’ meteoric progression attracted Ardian, Europe’s largest private equity fund, resulting in them becoming majority shareholders.

In 2020 Dedalus bought a large portion of Agfa HealthCare’s IT business and by 2021, Dedalus acquired DXC Healthcare IT and now has the global capacity to support innovation.

Most recently ADIA invested in a significant minority stake to support “a key international player in the market”. From supporting private facilities in Saudi Arabia achieve HIMSS EMRAM 7, to rolling out a solution that provides for 2.7 million of Egyptian citizens.

Dedalus has successfully implemented 120 solutions in the Middle East and Africa and have 195 live facilities using Enterprise Management solutions in the region.

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