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America Tops the List of the 10 Most Affected Countries by the Coronavirus with 743,000 Deaths

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The American Johns Hopkins University reported that the total number of coronavirus infections in the world has risen to more than 245 million, and the total deaths have reached about five million.

According to the university’s data, the total number of coronavirus infections in the world reached 245,493,444, and the total deaths were 4,979,940.

The United States topped the list of countries in terms of the number of deaths from the virus with 743,358 deaths, and the total number of infections reached 45,825,983.

Brazil followed in second place in terms of the number of deaths with 607,068 deaths, and a total of 21,781,436 infections.

In third place comes India, with a total of 456,386 deaths, and a total of 34,231,809 injuries.

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Mexico ranks fourth in terms of the number of deaths, with 287,274, and a total of 3,793,783 infections.

And in fifth place comes Russia, with a total of 230,786 deaths, and a total of 8,260,045 infections.

And sixth is Peru, with a total of 200,179 deaths and 2,199,036 infections.

And in seventh place comes Indonesia, with a total of 143,333 deaths and a total of 4,242,532 infections.

UK is ranked eighth, with a total of 140,628 deaths and a total of 8,978,443 infections.

And in ninth place comes Italy, with a total of 132,004 deaths, and a total of 4,757,231 infections.

Colombia comes in tenth place, with a total of 127,195 deaths and 4,997,444 infections.

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