European Council: Coronavirus Vaccines Technology Will be Transferred to Africa within a Few Months

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, confirmed on Friday, that the Union is an effective partner for Africa, noting that the technology for manufacturing Coronavirus vaccines will be transferred to the African countries within a few months.

In his speech during the sixth session of the European and African Union Summit for the second day, with the participation of the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, Michel said that many African countries suffer from a weak health system and a lack of resources, and we must work as a team with them, according to the Middle East News.

He stressed that the European Union has one will to work together with Africans and develop the capabilities of everyone, explaining that within a few months the technology for manufacturing Coronavirus vaccines will be transferred to African countries, as well as European technology in the fields of pharmacy and drug industries.

He stressed that the continent of Africa deserves to develop its important strategic capabilities.

While the President of the Republic of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, stressed that the partnership between international institutions contributes to the development and production of Coronavirus vaccines.

Ramaphosa added – during the activities of the European and African Union Summit in its sixth session, under the title “Africa and Europe: Two Continents with a Common Vision until 2030” – that European governments are seeking to deliver vaccines for (Covid-19) to developing countries, calling for the need to find many centers to combat the disease in different countries and that there should be justice in the distribution of vaccinations.

He pointed out that the World Health Organization facilitated the establishment of a development center for special vaccinations (Covid-19) in South Africa, and also facilitated the process of manufacturing vaccines in various countries.

The President of South Africa called for the need to find many measures to combat all diseases that the people of the African continent cannot afford, stressing his country’s efforts to obtain vaccines for the African people to protect them from diseases, expressing his appreciation for the subsidies and grants provided to the African continent.

He pointed out that the ecosystem must work in a consistent and cooperative manner, and that there should be a lot of experiences and skills exchanged between countries, calling on the countries of the world to find ways to include many institutions to work together.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, also stressed the importance of ensuring that vaccine-making technology is fully transferred to the African continent.

In her speech during the sixth session of the EU-African Union Summit, Der Leyen said that there is a new technology designed in Africa and owned by Africans, with the support of a European team, in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

She indicated that 40 million euros have been invested to confront the Corona pandemic, and steps have been taken to confront the pandemic, adding that the European Union’s goal in 2040 is for the level of vaccine manufacturing within Africa to reach 60 percent.

Derline stressed the importance of ensuring that the technology is fully transferred to African countries, noting the importance of creating a regulatory framework and the work of African strategic sovereignty with regard to developing vaccines within Africa.

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