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The Strangest Hospitals in the World

Hospitals are typically not the most interesting places in the world, but there are a few hospitals around the globe that are so strange and unusual that they deserve some attention. From hospitals built inside caves to those that are shaped like castles, here are five of the strangest hospitals in the world.

We all know the traditional form of hospitals, whether they take care of humans or animals, but there are some hospitals in the world that are very strange.

The Strangest Hospitals in the World

Bat Care Hospital

bat care hospital

This hospital is located in Australia and is known as Tolga Bat Hospital, and this hospital was established by a nature lover, as he collected large quantities of bats and provided adequate care for them.

So that they became a haven for bat care, and this hospital exaggerated the provision of care to bats There is a large number of service providers working in this hospital who take care of bats from their birth, by feeding them and taking care of their health and now it has about 1,400 species of bats and became a place to visit by people who would like to explore the life of bats.

Sydney’s Original Doll Hospital

Sydney original doll hospital

Dolls are very important for young children, as they treat them as if they were a small child, so a hospital was built in Australia known as Sydney First Doll Hospital, and it was established in 1913.

This hospital specializes in repairing damaged dolls, and The aim of its establishment was to repair dolls during World War II due to the suspension of import, and at the time about 70 workers worked in it, divided into six separate rooms, for each room specialized in the doll’s body, and this hospital still exists until now where the grandchildren of its founders work.

Tranquille Sanatorium

Tranquille Sanatorium

This sanatorium is considered one of the places known to be one of the terrifying places in the world, and the area where the hospital was located was basically a farm, then it was turned into a hospital specializing in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients and that was in 1907, then it was closed to open again in the year 1985.

But this time it was closed because the patients staying there said that they were seeing floating light balls scattered around the hospital, and they were seeing some ghosts at night, and some of them even attributed this to a murder that had taken place inside the hospital by a Patient where one of the nursing staff was killed.

Taunton State Hospital

Taunton State Hospital

Taunton State Hospital is one of the strangest hospitals in the world. It is located in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA, and it was built in 1854.

The hospital was originally called Taunton Lunatic Asylum, and it was designed to house mentally ill patients. The hospital has a history of abuse and neglect, and it has been featured on several reality TV shows.

It was known for practicing some satanic rituals for the purpose of treating its patients, so many extreme methods of treatment were relied upon.

Even the people living around the hospital said that they were seeing silhouetted creatures coming out of the hospital basement into the garden at night

patients used to see these silhouettes crawling on the hospital walls and watching patients at night, which frightened many of them.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, located in Weston, West Virginia, UK, is one of the strangest hospitals in the world.

The hospital was built in 1858 and was originally called the Western Virginia Hospital for the Insane.

The hospital was renamed the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in 1864.

The hospital was used to treat patients with mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder., and then closed to patients in 1994, because it witnessed the death of many inside it for unknown reasons.

This hospital was in the past one of the well-known military sites during the American Civil War, which called many They say that ghosts inhabited the place as a result of the actions that were taking place in it in the past, as they say that the hospital knew the activity of spirits inside, and many ghosts were constantly wandering in it, which called on those in charge of the hospital to close it, especially after the recurrence of many unknown deaths.

Nocton Hall Hospital

Nocton Hall Hospital

Nocton Hall Hospital is a psychiatric hospital in the United Kingdom that is known for its unusual and macabre features.

The hospital was built in the late 1800s and was used to house mentally ill patients. The hospital has a number of spooky features, including a morgue, a crematorium, and a dissection room.

It is said that it was a palace for a noble there, and this man raped a girl who was working as a servant for him, then he killed the girl and buried her in the courtyard of the house, and then turned into a hospital, and it was said that the ghost of the girl was appearing Inside it specifically inside the room in which the crime took place every morning.

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