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What to Look for in the Best Medical Spa in High Point North Carolina

Medical spas, also referred to as med-spa, specialize in less invasive cosmetic treatments and pampering services such as Botox(r), light and laser therapies and dermal fillers.

Medical spas differ from day spas by requiring physicians to supervise or conduct these treatments themselves. While estheticians, massage therapists and cosmetologists may provide these treatments in day spas, medical spas require medical professionals.

Skin Care

A medical spa (med spa) differs from traditional day spas by providing medical-grade cosmetic treatments under physician supervision, such as laser therapy for sun damage, laser hair removal, cellulite reduction procedures and more. 

They aim to treat problem areas which don’t respond well to traditional exercise and diet approaches.

Medical spas are well known for offering cosmetic treatments; in addition, however, they also sell high-end yet budget-friendly skincare products designed to enhance results of procedures as well as prevent future issues and keep skin healthy and beautiful.

At a medical spa, the staff comprises nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and even physicians themselves – this allows for more thorough and detailed treatments in a relaxing atmosphere. You should always confirm their certifications and licenses prior to making a commitment.

Med spa treatments include facials, massage, microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing as some of the most sought-after services. They also offer cosmetic injections and dermal fillers; making med spas an excellent place to go for corrective skin procedures or advanced anti-ageing therapies.

A medical spa uses medical-grade treatments to help clients reduce body fat, diminish cellulite and reach their ideal weight. Furthermore, non-invasive and surgical procedures may be utilized to address deep wrinkles, discoloration or loose skin issues. 

Medicated facials and chemical peels are two popular medical spa treatments proven to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. 

A top med spa always puts their client’s safety first, which is why they must have an on-staff physician full-time and provide free consultations so their clients are informed and aware of the risks and benefits associated with each procedure.

Assessing a medical spa can also involve learning who selects their products and treatments. A reputable med spa should select their offerings based on client reviews to ensure they always offer top-quality service to their clientele. Spas like Purefico MedSpa in High Point have high reviews from satisfied customers. Be sure to read reviews to help you choose the right facility for you.

When selecting a med spa, be sure to inquire as to the length of time the supervising doctor has been working at the facility. It is crucial that they possess sufficient expertise in administering specific injections or treatments at their med spa and that it follows proper infection control protocols as a licensed and certified medical facility.

Body Care

Medical spas offer an array of body care treatments. Popular services offered by these businesses include body slimming, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and hair removal. 

Other popular body treatments offered by med spas include massages, body scrubs and wraps, mineral soaks and acupuncture sessions – these services may also incorporate complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies that may help ease stress and tension relief.

Many med spas employ full-time physicians as full-time employees to oversee all procedures falling within the realm of medicine, typically dermatology, plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedures. 

These board certified physicians usually specialize in areas like dermatology, plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedures. In some states, non-physicians can own and operate medical spas as long as it is managed by a qualified physician.

An esthetician typically offers all non-medical cosmetic spa services, including facials, microdermabrasion and light chemical peels. Furthermore, they may provide body scrubs as well as additional services like micro needling or PDO threading.

As part of any treatment, patients may be required to sign an informed consent form that details the nature of the procedure as well as any risks or side effects they could face during it. This form will serve as an important way for healthcare providers and patients alike to stay up-to-date about potential procedures that may occur and help protect themselves against future medical situations.

Doctors frequently prescribe oral medication as part of a medical spa treatment plan to ensure patients get optimal care, and to reduce any adverse reactions or complications related to procedures performed at the spa.

Medical spas have grown increasingly popular over time, primarily because they combine relaxing spa experiences with the procedures and expertise typically provided at physician’s offices. 

Many med spas have even expanded their services to offer surgical procedures; this is particularly true of plastic surgeon-run med spas as their options will likely surpass what can be offered at traditional day spas.

Hair Care

Medical spas offer laser hair removal as an affordable, hassle-free alternative to waxing, shaving and tweezing for those seeking permanent results from hair removal services. 

Laser light beams penetrate hair follicles with concentrated beams of light to destroy them permanently – an attractive solution compared to more conventional forms of hair removal such as waxing or shaving. You can click the link: https://www.youtube.com/ to learn more about this treatment.

Most medical spas have on hand a physician who is available to answer any queries or address concerns regarding the procedures offered at their spa, along with nurses and estheticians to ensure high standards of hygiene and safety for their clientele.


Med spas go beyond providing body and skin treatments; they also offer wellness services like yoga, massage therapy, mindfulness practices and nutritional resources that promote overall mind-body well-being. You can learn more about the health benefits of yoga by clicking the link. Their holistic approach to beauty, health and well-being distinguishes med spas from day spas.

Most medical spas are overseen by a physician such as a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, which allows for more precise treatments to address specific skin conditions like wrinkles, rosacea or hyperpigmentation for patients seeking solutions. 

Furthermore, it gives business owners peace of mind knowing their med spa is operating at an efficient and professional manner.

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