New Study: Can You Have a Mix of CoronaVirus Vaccines?

A recent study showed that some adults were more likely to have mild and moderate side effects after taking two different doses of the Coronavirus vaccine, one from the AstraZeneca vaccine, and the other from the Pfizer vaccine.

These side effects were short-lived and included headache, chills, muscle pain, and no serious side effects occurred.

This study was launched by the University of Oxford in February, and the aim was to find out whether changing the type of vaccine in the second dose of people increases their immunity or not.

The importance of this study lies in the possibility that some countries will resort to changing the type of vaccine for the second dose in case there is a shortage in the doses of the first vaccine.

830 people aged 50 and over participated in this study.

Its full results are expected to be published in June, with some preliminary results now published in a research letter to the medical journal The Lancet.

The primary results of the study included the following:

One person in ten develops a fever when taking two doses of the AstraZenca vaccine, but when the second dose is changed to the Pfizer vaccine, the proportion of people who develop a fever rises to 34%. The same thing happens if the first dose was from Pfizer and the other was from AstraZeneca. It also applies to other side effects such as headache, chills, and muscle pain.
To study the effect of combining vaccines from other types, the study was expanded to include an additional 1050 people, and they were given different doses of the Moderna and Novavax vaccines, but the preliminary results of this did not appear yet.

It is worth noting that one of the other things that this study and others tell us is the necessity to avoid vaccinating all health personnel on the same day, so that the absence rate does not increase on the second day.

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