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France Announces New Coronavirus Variant with Unprecedented Changes in the Spike Protein

French Health officials announced the emergence of a new Coronavirus variant for some people who were infected last month, noting that the new coronavirus variant infected 24 people, including 18 children, and all those children who were infected were in one school, and the rest of the people infected with the new coronavirus variant were related to the children.

The new Coronavirus variant is completely different from the rest of the variants

A health official at the French Regional Health Agency said that the new coronavirus variant is completely different from the rest of the Coronavirus variants that were discovered during the past months, noting that this variant was directly identified and the first number of infections with the new mutation was reported on the past 11th of November.

The health official added, in media statements, that the analysis of this new variant revealed that it is completely different from the rest of the variants that have occurred in the Coronavirus and is completely different from the delta variant, which is described as being rapidly spreading, in addition to the difference from the rest of the Coronavirus variants that are characterized by serious complications.

The new variant is missing the spike protein that penetrates the cells of the body

He continued, that the new mutant of the virus called “B.1.640” lacks a large part of the spike protein associated with the virus, and this protein is usually linked to the virus to penetrate human cells and spread infection throughout the body, and so far we have not reached the conclusion that this strain is dangerous in terms of spread, complications or the opposite, according to what was published on the “Russia Today” website.

French Health: The virus may have come from Africa

In a related context, the French health agency said that the agency’s investigations into the nature of this new coronavirus variant indicate that “the virus came from abroad” through a person residing in the French city “Nantes”, as he was traveling to Africa, where he contracted this infection and then Transferred to France.

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