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Omicron Variant is Less Dangerous than Delta Variant

Recently, two studies from the United Kingdom and South Africa showed that the risk of omicron variant infection was lower than that of delta variant infection.

The results also stated that although the omicron variant may be highly contagious compared to the delta variant, patients with it do not need hospital care like those with the Delta variant.

Eric Topol, MD, a cardiologist in California, says the two studies show that the risk of Omicron is less than that of Delta and that the cure rate ranges between 40 and 75%.

The results of studies that were on patients with the omicron variant showed that the risk of needing hospital care was 20% lower than those with the Delta variant.

In the South African study, those with omicron variant infection were up to 70% less likely to develop severe symptoms than those with Delta variant infection.

In the end, says Neil Ferguson, Ph.D. at Imperial College London, the results should not make us overly hopeful because the results were in areas where a number of the population had good immune care before.

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