UAE MOH & EHS Launch Manara Platform, Proactive Planning for Future Risks in Population Health

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the Emirates Health Services Corporation (EHS) announced the launch of the Manara platform as part of its projects participating in the Arab Health Exhibition 2021 in Dubai between June 21 and 24.

As the platform is the mainstay of all developed control panels. The Manara platform aims to facilitate the process of developing emergency plans, predicting risks that may occur in the future, and speeding up tracking and obtaining data by providing its own base, as well as providing updated data for various specialties, viewing them easily, and analyzing them to make the appropriate decision, based on the electronic medical records in the Wareed platform.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the Emirates Health Services Corporation are keen to implement the latest smart systems and programs, in order to embody the directives of the rational leadership, in making the UAE a leading global model in the proactive confrontation of future challenges and focus on smart healthcare.

The Highest International Standards

The Director-General of the Emirates Corporation for Health Services, Dr. Yousef Mohammed Al Serkal, confirmed that the Arab Health Exhibition represents a global occasion to launch innovative projects, including the “Manara” platform, with the aim of facilitating the decision-making process and providing a unified interface that displays all data in an effective and concise manner, which leads to saving time due to Easy access to the necessary data.

He noted that this project falls within the framework of the Corporation and the Ministry’s keenness to develop government services and implement the smart government initiative, by strengthening health information systems in accordance with the highest standards applied in managing the infrastructure of health facilities, in line with the objectives of the national agenda aimed at implementing a health system based on the highest global standards.

Performance Follow Up

Mubaraka Ibrahim, the Acting Executive Director of the Information Sector, Director of the Health Information Systems Department at the Emirates Foundation for Health Services, indicated that the platform allows senior management and decision-makers in the Emirates Foundation for Health Services and the Ministry of Health and Community Protection to follow up the performance through the control panels, as it provides them with a comprehensive view of all data. Documented most of the operations and services provided by the institution and the ministry.

Ali Al-Ajmi, Director of Digital Health at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, explained that the “Manara” platform consists of operational and clinical control panels, and relies on data analysis science, which is used for forecasting, which enables stakeholders to make decisions and plan for a response proactively, and allows them to view reports quickly.

The control panels are designed to be easy and shared by all users and decision-makers, through simplified graphic design and smooth transition and browsing between information.

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