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How To Promote Worker Safety in a Hospital

In order to promote the well-being of workers in a hospital, safety must become a priority for your employees. Learn multiple ways to stay safe on the job.

Workplace safety is a top priority for many business owners. It’s important to ensure your employees are as safe as possible. Hospitals are where people come to be taken care of, and the employees of the institution should feel safe as well. In this post, I’ll show you how to promote worker safety in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Know Your Patient’s History

It’s important to know your patients and their mental health history. Ask about any episodes and past hospitalizations. Try not to make assumptions about patients based on their appearance or how they speak.

If you work with patients with a history of violence or self-harm, be aware of this and be proactive about the wellness of all involved. Promoting worker safety in hospitals is an essential task.

Avoid Working Alone When Possible

Working alone can put you at a higher risk, so do not close your shift alone if your job allows it and it’s safe to do so.As you leave, alert someone else of your actions, ask for an escort to your car if needed, and stay hyperaware of your surroundings.

The buddy system is a method people use to ensure safety. Buddies should be familiar with the area, assist in an emergency, and help with any closeout tasks at the end of a shift that could leave someone vulnerable, such as taking out the trash or loading a vehicle in a parking garage.

Hire Round the Clock Security Guards

If you can put a security guard on staff, they can help prevent crime and keep your employees safe. Most hospitals could benefit from a security guard booth. Security guards can also assist with theft prevention, crowd control, and traffic control.

Report Aggressive Patients and Visitors

One of the first steps to promoting safetyis prevention. You should report aggressive patients and visitors to security or the police immediately. You should not hesitate about doing this; it is your duty as an employee to report suspicious activity.

Additionally, each department should consider hosting active shooter training to prepare staff on how to survive in case of an incident. This training should be made available upon hire and revisited as often as needed for training and safety purposes.

Keep Workers Safe at Work

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Hospitals do their best to prevent accidents and injuries by ensuring that all equipment is up-to-date or repaired when needed and following safety procedures when working with hazardous materials like chemicals or sharp objects. Additionally, a hospital is responsible for keeping its staff and patients safe daily from potential danger.

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