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4 Effective Ways To Minimize Hospital Waste

The amount of waste that hospitals generate is substantial. Of the total amount of waste generated, about 85 percent is a general, non-hazardous waste. The remaining 15 percent is hazardous materials. Proper Medical Waste Disposal Services can help you get rid of these dangerous wastes easily. 

Those are some hefty numbers. But every hospital doesn’t need to fall into the status quo. There are four effective ways to minimize hospital waste and turn the facility into a more sustainable environment.

Install Hand Dryers

Everyone wants their doctors, nurses, and other members of the health-care profession to have clean hands. And you can bet that inside these facilities, they’re constantly washing their hands. But once they’re clean, they need to dry them. And most often, they resort to paper towels.

Yes, paper towels are recyclable, but constantly using them to dry hands is still wasteful. Consider installing hand dryers in every hospital room. Paper towels can still be an option, but the hand dryers will minimize the number of paper towels that go in the trash can.

Color Code Waste Separation

You may be able to find an alternative for paper towels, but there are some items you will still need to throw out. When it’s time to discard those, it’s best to do it in an organized manner. Use small medical waste containers inside patient rooms and make them accessible to staff only.

Separate red bag waste containers from solid waste containers. Color code these containers to ensure appropriate separation of waste. Also, make sure the waste management teams dump trash in the proper bins at the end of the day. Dumpsters play a pivotal role in hospitals, so ensuring that waste goes into the right receptacles is essential.

Stock Up on Reusable Items

Using reusable products in place of single-use ones can keep a lot of items from entering the landfill. So you need to stock up. Check to see if products are reusable before purchasing them.

Use washable items in patient rooms as an alternative to paper ones. A lot of hospitals fear that these items won’t go through proper sanitization. If that’s the case, make sure the gowns and linens you purchase are recyclable so that centers can transform them into something else useful.

Conduct Monthly Waste Audits

It’s not possible to improve and fix a problem without knowing where the problem lies. Every hospital and health-care facility should conduct monthly waste audits. At the end of each month, see which areas in the facility generated the most waste.

With these audits, you’ll get a full view of the problems and solutions. These periodic spot checks will allow everyone to see if they dispose of waste correctly and if they’re following the plan. Share the findings with everyone on staff so that everyone can continue to improve.

Effectively minimizing hospital waste can happen in four easy steps. You only need to make sure everyone is on board.

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