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Ways To Improve Your Dental Office Waiting Room

Does your current waiting room make a good first impression? All patients deserve a comfortable waiting area before their appointment. Luckily, you don’t need to remodel the entire space; try these ways to improve your dental office waiting room.

Greet Every Patient

Once a patient steps inside the facility, front desk staff should greet them with a warm and friendly smile and a “hello.” It makes guests feel welcome in a sometimes difficult or stressful environment.

Even if you’re in the middle of booking another appointment or on the phone, acknowledge the patient’s presence by saying something like “be right with you” or “hold on for a moment.” Guests don’t want to feel ignored, so be sure to greet them as soon as they come in.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

No patient wants to sit on uncomfortable furniture while they wait for their appointment. If you don’t enjoy the couch and chairs, why would you expect someone else to? Pick out comfortable furniture such as waiting area chairs, and ensure there’s enough space for everyone to move around comfortably.

Also, choose furniture and flooring that’s easy to clean and maintain. After all, patients don’t want to sit on chairs covered in mystery stains.

Include Personality and Color

Don’t paint all the walls stark white or beige. That’s boring! A bold accent wall can add depth and personality to the space. You could try a shade of blue for a calming effect on patients. Or add a mural of your favorite flower for extra pizazz. Patients appreciate things to admire and view while sitting in the waiting area.

Add decals to the waiting room walls if you’re a pediatric dental office. Kids love animals, trucks, bugs, princesses, dinosaurs, and more. Go above and behind and give each room in the office a theme!

Play Soft Tunes

Soft music helps drown out the sounds of the dental tools in the back. It can help patients feel relaxed. Avoid playing anything too harsh or rough; jazz music or soft pop are two great options to have floating through the speakers. Ensure the music selection is relaxing and tasteful, and avoid playing anything offensive.

Don’t play the speaker system too loudly, either. Professionals need to focus, and patients could be working on something or reading in the waiting area. Search for an ad-free playlist that will continuously play without you having to do a thing.

Be Diligent About Cleaning

No patient will make another appointment at an office littered with trash or dirt. Wipe down all flat surfaces to keep germs at bay. Vacuum before opening the office and after closing to eliminate all outside elements. Also, empty the garbage at the end of the day.

Maintain a thorough and consistent cleaning schedule to stay on top of tasks. Patients will appreciate the clean waiting area.

Add Technology

Use technology to your advantage in the office. Implement messaging technology to remind and confirm patients about appointments to reduce wait times. You can also add a digital screen in the area. Indoor LED screens can bring plenty of benefits to any business, including your dental office. Display any material on a clear, vibrant screen for all customers to read while waiting.

Adding these dental office waiting room improvements can boost business and make patients comfortable. You won’t regret these upgrades.

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