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3 Tips for Starting Your Health Care Admin Career

The average health care admin role has a salary of $70,000, though it varies greatly depending on experience and qualifications. This is partly due to the heavy responsibility that comes with the role.

Health care admin responsibilities can include running entire facilities. They oversee the care of thousands of people, and the finances that make it all possible.

If you want to make admin your health care career, how can you start preparing for and qualifying for this role? We’ve created this brief guide to explain the career paths!

Read on to learn how to become a health care admin in 2023.

1. Get Your Degree

To begin, you need to obtain the right degree. The bachelor’s degree route options include:

  • Health care administration
  • Health care management
  • Business administration
  • Organizational management

A health care management degree in particular is suited for a smooth transition into work. It focuses on strategies and practices already used by professionals in the workplace.

You can also study a related field and later re-angle your career toward health care admin. For example, some train and qualify to become nurses first. Then, once working, they transition to the administration side of things.

2. Get Real-World Experience

Almost all institutions now require experience for entry-level work, including health care admin. And our third step – a master’s program – may also expect it. How can you obtain the experience you need to start your career?

Of course, look around for health care admin work that will accept new graduates. But if there aren’t any roles in your area, look for similar work.

For example, consider working in human resources or billing. And if there are admin internships available, get that experience under your belt too.

3. Complete a Master’s Program

A bachelor’s degree is all that’s usually required as a qualification to work as a health care admin. However, many people complete a master’s program to stand out from the crowd.

Especially if you’re interested in advancement, this extra qualification is usually expected. In fact, it’s so common for those who advance to have a master’s that it’s almost become a prerequisite for promotion.

Ultimately, you don’t need this qualification for entry-level work. But it can start your career in the right direction, and save you from going back to school years later.

More Health Care Admin Advice

Once you’ve started your healthcare admin career, where should you focus next? There are always ways to continue self-development and keep advancing your career.

Besides a master’s program, consider pursuing industry certifications. Each of these focuses on different areas, such as financial management or quality of care. These certifications can open up bigger and better opportunities to develop professionally.

But for now, focus on the first three steps to get you started! And for any more medical careers or career development advice, search “careers” on our site.

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