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Ideal Ways to Market Your Hotel to Solo Travelers

Traveling is not a mere activity; rather, it is a way of life. Before the pandemic situation, the traveler industry was rocking at its best. However, the hotel industry is gradually trying to rise again with its full enthusiasm.

Hotel marketing includes various skills and strategies. And, if you are an active hotelier, you must be aware of the latest hotel marketing strategies. From using the latest technologies, whether it be the soundproof curtains or the strong Wi-Fi service, travelers need everything.

Besides, most people prefer to travel solo nowadays. Therefore, the hoteliers must be more skillful to market their hotels to solo travelers. In this post, we will discuss some ideal ways to market your hotel to solo travelers. Before proceeding further, you need to know some points. 

What hotel industries should provide to the solo travelers

Effective hotel marketing will be possible only when your services will impact potential guests. For successful hotel marketing, hotel industries should provide some facilities like; safety measures in the hotel area and affordable accommodation facilities. As a hotelier, you must be aware of the travelers’ needs and preferences.

Now, solo travelers can find the relevant property easily via deal tracker, they can search and filter a lot of potential real estate investment opportunities.

Ways to market your hotel to solo travelers

When you are launching a hotel, you must adopt the right hotel marketing strategies. It helps attract more solo travelers to your hotels and build a good reputation. However, hotel industries have been going through an uneven path during the last two years. But, the following ways will help you market your hotels to solo travelers.

Consider customers’ needs

Every traveler is not the same, and their preferences are also different. To know your customers’ needs and preferences, you can run surveys by professionals. Usually, travelers need good Wi-Fi access, a quiet place to work, excellent room service, etc. Also, some travelers prefer good surroundings to enjoy some downtime. They also prefer good transportation services so that they can visit the local attractions. So, to attract travelers, you must be aware of their needs and preferences. 

Offer socialization facilities

Every solo traveler is not an introvert. Many travelers look for opportunities to engage themselves with other guests, and such travelers share their traveling stories and travel tips. Therefore, every hotel must have common areas where travelers can gather and socialize. Also, the hoteliers can host a brunch or cocktail hour where the guests can meet. However, this service is not mandatory 24*7 in a hotel as some self-time is also essential. 

Consider the rates

Usually, solo travelers are concerned about their budget as they always want to complete their journey within a fixed budget. They look for inexpensive shelters to stay without compromising the living quality. Therefore if you are a hotelier, you must consider the rates. You should offer single-occupy or small rooms for solo travelers at an affordable price. If you don’t have such rooms, you can plan various packages to attract solo travelers. Whatever you offer, make sure that the rates will be justified for a single person. 

Provide the best safety measures

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their safety, especially after the COVID-19 scenario. Therefore, every hotel must provide the best protection and hygiene to travelers. Besides, women are also concerned about their safety. Some safety measures that the hotel industries be aware of are;

CCTV- Every hotel should have CCTV surveillance 24*7, and it helps prevent any risk to the guests. 

Fire safety- Every hotel must have a fire extinguisher on the premises to prevent any type of fire hazard. Also, make sure to have the number of the local fire fighting department. 

Medical emergency- Any guest can get ill anytime, and it is completely unpredictable. Therefore every hotel must have a doctor on a call for any emergency. Also, make sure to have a first aid kit at the reception. 

Dedicated inventory- Presently, hotels are concerned about women’s safety. Therefore every hotel must have a separate floor or rooms for female solo travelers specifically. 


These are the basic ways that help to market your hotel to solo travelers. Always make sure to offer something unique from the other hotels, and it will help you make a separate space among the huge hotel industry. And, make sure to concentrate on good quality customer care as it is the main priority of the guests. So, follow the mentioned ways and reach your hotel business to the peak of success. 

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