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Huawei Mateview Monitor: The Trend Setter

Huawei’s 28.2-inch, 4k-resolution MateView monitor, is an appealing choice if you’re searching for a big – but not too huge – display with a sleek design and solid all-around quality. In China, the first Huawei Mate Station S desktop PC was introduced in January, and in Europe, it was released in August. In February, Huawei launched its first monitor, Huawei Display. Two additional noteworthy huawei monitor promotion models were released in early August: the curved Huawei MateView GT for gamers and the wonderfully beautiful Huawei MateView for office and home use.

Huawei Mateview Specifications

Display size28.2 inches
Panel typeIPS LCD
Resolution3840 x 2560 (163.7 ppi)
Aspect ratio3 : 2
Color gamut98% DCI-P3, 100% sRGB
Colours1.07 billion (10-bit color)
Huawei Mateview specifications

Huawei Mateview Design

The Huawei MateView’s design stands out for its sleek, attractive form and its aspect ratio of 3:2 of the IPS display. The MateView’s display screen is tiny, measuring roughly 9.3 mm at the top and at the bottom; it is 13mm. It’s mounted on an equally stylish stand that adjusts in height by 110mm and tilts by 23 degrees (18 degrees down, 5 degrees up). The upright component of the frame features a speaker grille facing the user and a variety of connections towards the bottom, rear, and right sides. The screen cannot be swivelled horizontally or rotated from landscape to portrait position using the stand.

Huawei mateview Features

The MateView’s 4k+ IPS screen supports the 10-bit colour and has high accuracy (Delta E 2 in DCI-P3 mode, 1 in an sRGB manner). Although it has VESA certification for DisplayHDR 400, the brightness can approach 500 nits. Huawei considers the Smart Bar a unique but valuable technique for operating the MateView’s on-screen display (OSD). The OSD menu is accessed by tapping the touch-sensitive bar underneath the screen, and the top-level options are input score, colour gamut, settings Brightness, and Eye Comfort.

Microphones on either side of the stand base may be used with a USB-C PC connection, and sound is delivered via a pair of 5W speakers through the grille on a front component of the stand. In the centre of the standing foot, there’s an NFC detecting region towards the front.

Wireless projection compatibility offers the ability to share the screen of a relevant Huawei phone on the MateView by tapping it on the NFC symbol. You may also wirelessly share the screen of a compatible Windows PC, albeit the quality will be limited to 2k.


Despite a few minor flaws, the Huawei MateView operates well and provides a good user experience. When you need to work quickly with one and two side-by-side on-screen windows, the 3:2 aspect ratio is a good choice. Gamers and filmmakers, as well as individuals who work with many documents at the same time, may choose a wide-screen 16:9 screen. Another bonus is the Smart Bar, which provides touch-driven OSD control and attempts to set that works well, but some users may want additional tweakable settings.


The Huawei MateView is an extraordinarily brilliant-performing monitor. It comes with a sleek and attractive design and it has 3:2 IPS display. The two types of monitors were released by Huawei, the Huawei MateView GT which is for gamers and the Huawei MateView that is for office workers. The MateView is perfect for gamers, office workers and filmmakers. 

It comes with touch-driven OSD control. Its stand is equally adjusted in the height of 110 mm. Despite a few small drawbacks, the Huawei MateView is a reliable device that offers a pleasant user experience overall.

When you need to work swiftly with one or two on-screen windows side-by-side, the 3:2 aspect ratio is a fantastic option for your computer screen. Overall, Huawei MateView is an amazing performance pc that makes your work very easy.

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