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The Role Of Data Science In Healthcare Advancements And Industry Transformation

Data Science has an application everywhere in our lives. Every industry around the globe, including IT, Entertainment, Healthcare, and many others, require Data Science to become more efficient and earn better ROI. Now you might be wondering how Healthcare is using Data Science? Keep reading the blog to understand how Data Science is transforming this sector.

Today every industry is becoming data-hungry, thanks to the cheap internet and better computing power, giving consumers a never-like experience with digital life. Today users are generating a few terabytes of data every single day. Check out this fantastic Data Science course to get started in the Data Science domain. 

Why Data Science in Healthcare?   

We will start this blog with the most pressing question. Why is Data Science important in Healthcare? Like other domains, the Healthcare sector possesses a plethora of data concerning patients, records, and health data of millions, if not billions of people. These data could be stress level, sugar level, heart level, blood pressure, etc.

The problem is Healthcare has always been passive. That means we have never been able to control or mitigate diseases at a larger scale because we didn’t possess consolidated data to analyze and generate insights that could help the healthcare system save a life. 

It triggered the notion of implementing Data Science in the Healthcare domain to bring all these data points to the digital medium and collate them to create a health map of each patient that will help them receive the best care they deserve.

Without this power, it will be very late in identifying life-threatening diseases in patients.

Today, with the help of Data Science and ML, Doctors are receiving real-time updates about a patient’s health condition through the help of wearable devices like a smartwatch that constantly monitors the health of a patient. 

Data Science has helped Doctors and other healthcare officials in helping patients receive better care in real-time to help them lead a better, balanced, and healthy life.

The notion of collating and digitizing data has truly transformed the Healthcare industry. Let’s understand the benefits of Data Science in Healthcare. 

Benefits of Data Science for Healthcare systems

We now know the challenges of the Healthcare systems due to no analysis of data. With the power of Data Science, Healthcare systems have become data-driven and efficient. Let’s now understand how Healthcare has benefitted by implementing Data Science. 

  • It helped in reducing the patient waiting time. 
  • It helped in offering on-time and proper treatment to patients. 
  • It helped in smoothening out the workflow in the healthcare system. 
  • It helped in handling emergencies easier.
  • It helped in reducing failure risks while treating patients. 

Deploying AI-enabled machines to data-driven insights could help in identifying diseases at a very early stage saving healthcare expenses by a large fold. Not only this, it also helps healthcare insurance providers to effectively track these metrics and design more customer-friendly policies that are more individualized. 

Now pops a major question, what is the role of a Data Scientist within this web? 

What is the role of Data Scientists in the Healthcare industry? 

As Healthcare policies and features are becoming more advanced. Data Scientists are proving to be an important and integral part of the entire Data Science implementation in the Healthcare system.

Data Scientists work with data and extract insights that help make predictive models from the given data.

Here we will discuss the major responsibilities of Data Science professionals in brief to help you understand their role within the healthcare framework. 

  • Collect and analyze patient’s data, hospital needs and other requirements. 
  • Structure and sort data that is easier to use by Healthcare professionals. 
  • Perform Data Analytics, implement several algorithms from raw data and use that to develop predictive models. 

In conclusion, Data Scientists working within the Healthcare system is helping Healthcare professionals in serving their customers well and effectively. Now let’s understand the different applications of Data Science 

Data Science Use Cases in Healthcare

There are several applications or use cases of Data Science in the Healthcare sector. 

Medical Image Analysis

Data Science professionals are analyzing medical images like CT scan, X-Ray, MRI, etc. Then they extract useful information from these analyses.

Several Deep Learning models have been developed that can diagnose 26 skin problems with 97% accuracy. 

Healthcare predictive analytics

Data Science domain has been successful in building predictive models that can predict a patient’s condition and make proper strategies in treating one.

It helps with faster treatment of patients, predicting future medical conditions, preventive measures, and many others. 

Drug Research

It’s been a tough problem to crack for a very long time now. Humans are plagued with many different varieties of diseases.

For every new disease it’s difficult to invent a new drug within a short timeline without the help of data or Data Analysis.

With the help of Data Science professionals working within the Healthcare domain are now able to extract the potential of Data Science in Drug Research, that is helping analyze millions of test cases, within just a matter of weeks or months. 

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