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5 Current Developments In Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Despite the limitations of seeing people face to face in recent years, many are still conscious of how they look. Since people see each other over the screens close up, the focus now is more on improving the appearance of the face.

Today, the trend in facial cosmetic surgery focuses on individuality instead of demanding your doctor to make you look like a particular celebrity. Imitating someone’s look is out and being more beautiful in your look by enhancing some parts and focusing on your uniqueness is in.

Cosmetic enhancement procedures in the United States are still in an upward trend, with revenues in 2020 exceeding USD$9.3 billion. This shows that people value their appearance so much and would be willing to spend thousands of dollars to look good, even with the average facelift cost amounting to USD$9,000.

The current developments in facial plastic surgery focus on reducing fat, tightening the skin, and making one look younger. Recently, these are the developments many people watch out for:

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

1. Brow Lift

The eyebrows have the power to change the look of one’s face completely. It’s one of the face’s most prominent features. It frames the eyes, makes one look younger, refines one’s look, and balances the face naturally. But years of facial expression and emotions can droop one’s eyebrows.

If you’re in your thirties or forties, a browlift surgeon can help provide a natural-looking correction to elevate the brows back to their original position. Gently lifting the brows can make a tremendous change in one’s appearance. It could reverse the face’s sad, tired and angry look with a more youthful, relaxed, and fresher aura.

2. Buccal Fat Reduction

The middle of one’s cheek, called the buccal fat pad, may often appear rounded and fat-laden. Although for some people, it makes them look younger—it’s not in a way that they like because it makes one look more like a chubby baby.

The buccal fat reduction, also called cheek reduction surgery, will surgically remove the buccal fats to make a face look thinner and defined. This procedure will result in a more contoured face that highlights facial angles, especially in photos and close-up video shots during a video conference.

This procedure is best done earlier and not when one is much older when the fats are already sagging because it might emphasize the jowls or the sagging skin below the chin or jawline.

3. Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are the window to one’s soul, which is usually what you look at if you want to know if the person you’re talking to is sincere. And in video conferences, this can be magnified multiple-folds.

As one age, the skin surrounding the eyes can sag and appear puffy. The sagging skin can create unnecessary folds that mess with the natural contour of the eyes. This makes applying eye makeup very challenging and may result in an undesirable appearance.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure that’ll improve the eyelids’ appearance. It can remove loose skin, eyebags, excess skin, fatty deposits on the eyelids, and fine wrinkles on the lower eyelid.

4. Chin Surgery

Chin surgery or genioplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the chin by enhancing it if it appears too little or reducing it if it protrudes too much.

The chin is an essential feature of the face that provides balance and symmetry to the entire face. When this isn’t shaped correctly, even if all the other parts of the face are perfect, one’s face can appear asymmetrical.

The three parts of facial alignment are the forehead (upper third), cheek area (mid-face), and lips and chin (lower third). If there’s a balance between these three areas, the face can be perceived to be beautiful.

5. Laser Skin Resurfacing

Over the years, the skin on your face may have been subjected to many intense cases of abuse like sun damage, acne, and aging. This results in pigmentation, scarring, and blotches. Today, this can be remedied by skin laser resurfacing, a procedure that removes the skin layer using a laser with precision.

The result will be skin that’s younger looking, tighter, and with the pigmentation much lighter or even-toned. To achieve the desired results of this procedure, you may be asked to stop smoking if you’re a smoker as it can prolong healing. You’ll also be prevented from taking supplements or medication that can affect clottings like ibuprofen and aspirin.


A beautiful face can dramatically increase self-confidence and self-esteem, whether facing people via video conferencing or real life. Knowing you can bravely meet people because you have a confident facade can mean a world of difference.

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