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Health With Live Resins: Can You Travel With Live Resin Carts?

Are you apprehensive about traveling with your vape pen on your next trip? If you are unsure whether you can bring your vape onto the flight, this article is right for you. Your vape pen may contain the live resin carts with the highest terpene concentration. They are capable of providing the desired entourage effect with each puff. 

Every connoisseur of cannabis prefers live resin over other kinds of cannabis extracts. The feeling of complete zen and the soothing aroma and taste of the live resin make it a popular choice for many. This blog post will check out all regulations concerning traveling with live resin carts.

Reasons for traveling with a live resin cart

Before you pack your vape in your luggage, consider your reasons. If you suffer from anxiety, stress, and other issues, it might be beneficial to use your vape to calm down. The duration before boarding a flight can add to your stress and make you even more nervous. 

Additionally, vaping pre-flight may be an excellent decision if you suffer from jet lag issues. Jet lag issues include the disruption of your biological clock which is a common phenomenon if you are traveling abroad. Although it sounds harmless, it can alter your sleep cycle and cause hormonal problems. Vaping pre-flight and between halts can help mitigate some of the symptoms of this disruption. 

Traveling with your vape pen is not always about wellness and comfort. It can become a statement piece or a cool accessory for a party or a get-together amongst friends.

Reasons for traveling with a live resin cart

How to pack your vape pen for travel?

Live resin carts are viewed as portable vaporizers by the TSA and are therefore subject to certain guidelines. You have nothing to worry about as long as you comply with these rules and regulations. Remember, the TSA does not care if you carry THC for personal use. As long as you do not have an abundance of it which shows your intent to distribute and sell, you will not be bothered by the authorities. 

The TSA guidelines state that all vaporizers, atomizers, vape pens, and e-cigarettes must only be in your carry-on luggage. You may even carry them in your pockets but never pack them in your checked-in luggage. There is a valid reason for this decision. Since all vape pens run on lithium-powered batteries, they pose a fire risk on the flight. These batteries may suddenly combust from the heat and pressure inside a packed suitcase. 

If you are traveling to a foreign country from the USA, check out the local laws regarding vape pens. You might be detained by the authorities there and charged a hefty fine for carrying an illegal substance to their country,

Packing your live resin carts

The TSA does not allow you to carry unlimited cannabis products. As a rule, never travel with more than three ounces of live resin carts in your carry-on. Make sure to keep them in a clear plastic bag along with your other essentials, such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, hair gel, etc. 

If you wish to carry more than the limit the authorities imposed, pack it in your checked luggage. Be careful to pack it well using double plastic bags in case any mishap happens, and it spills onto your clothes. 

Tips to follow: 

  • Make sure your live resin carts are not full to the brim. Due to the intense cabin pressure, the cartridges often expand. If there is no empty space for the oil to fill, it may crack the cartridge. 
  • Carry them in a higher CBD potency than you normally use. This way you won’t have to bring much of it.  
  • Each country has set its limit on live resin. Make sure to research and carry below the limit. 
  • Keep your live resin carts in their original packaging. This can help to show that they are a legal cannabis product and not an illegal substance. You can even label the cartridges yourself. 
  • Declare to the TSA agent that you are carrying a cartridge for personal use.

Packing your vaping devices and batteries

Your vaping devices and batteries are not allowed on the flight’s cargo hold. This is so because lithium batteries may catch fire due to the intense heat and pressure inside the cargo. If you mistakenly packed them in your suitcase, you are in for harassment. The baggage handler will notice the device and the battery on the scanner and flag you for additional checks.

Your suitcase will be opened and overturned during their scrutiny. Your device and the batteries to it will be confiscated, leaving you feeling embarrassed to put your suitcase in order. They may even impound your whole suitcase, causing you more pain than required. This is a rule common to all countries; hence always carry the vape and the batteries in your carry-on luggage. 

Tips to follow:

  • You can carry extra batteries but store them in separate plastic bags. 
  • If your vape mod needs external batteries, you can carry a battery charger too.
  • Consider carrying disposable vape pens you can throw away after the cartridge has run out. 
  • If you are carrying disposable vape pens bundled with a cartridge, ensure it is only partially full. Otherwise, the pressure may cause the cartridge to rupture. 

Final Tip:

If you want to forego all the hassle, consider shipping your live resin carts instead of traveling with them. This way, you won’t need to explore all the rules and regulations of traveling with them. They will wait for you at your destination, and your travel will be without any unnecessary hitches. 


Lastly, remember to stay confident and not break out into a sweat. If you have followed all the rules, there is nothing to be worried about. If the authorities call the local police on you to investigate the live resin carts in your person, explain to them your reasons. More often than not, the police will decide in your favor, and you can be on your way. However, it would help if you never used the vape inside the airport or carried unclean vape pens. The smell of cannabis might draw the dogs to you.

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