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Forte Healthcare: Quick Development in AI usage in UAE Healthcare

The UAE is one of the largest adopters of artificial intelligence in the region and has invested about $2.15 billion in this sector over the past decade.

Artificial intelligence has boosted efficiency and productivity during the pandemic.

Karan Rekhi, CEO of Forte Healthcare, revealed that the UAE plans to build innovative digital companies and start-ups to work on advanced projects, to create future technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.

Rekhi indicated that the country opened its doors and began offering golden residency to programmers from all over the world.

Rekhi expected a fast-paced development in the uses of artificial intelligence, and that healthcare will benefit from technology platforms, and “it will also allow us to provide the best available technologies in the field of treatment in seconds or more effective,”.

Noting that social distancing and working from home have become “the normal situation.”

This has led to a demand for AI-based healthcare services, such as telehealth and app-based remote health monitoring systems for chronic patients.

Rekhi said that tech giants are paying great attention to healthcare, and the market size is set to reach $267 billion by 2027 worldwide.

He stressed that the UAE is on its way to creating a large-scale ecosystem for medical research and development with global health and pharmaceutical giants who prefer choosing Dubai as a launch base for their researches.

The country is making great strides in its journey to become a global capital of medical research and development.

AI will help engage the patient with his or her medical history and profile in a strong and effective database and will provide better data and insights for clinicians, to make informed, evidence-based decisions to further improve health outcomes for their patients.

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