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10 Tips For Finding An Orthodontist In Greenville

Dental health issues aren’t uncommon in the United States. Statistics indicate that 1 in 4 Americans suffer from untreated dental cavities and other teeth-related problems, and their prevalence is the main reason behind the emergence of so many dentists and orthodontists in different American states. In South Carolina, there was a rapid increase (409, to be exact) in the number of dentists between 2009 and 2015, and if you are living in Greenville or Spartanburg, two of the best places to live in the Palmetto State, choosing the right orthodontist in a competitive market can be a handful.

So, how can you find the best orthodontist to help you fix your misaligned teeth? This article mentions some simple tips to compare different dentists in Greenville. Here’s what you need to know:

1- Compare multiple orthodontists

Search for different orthodontists in the Upstate region and compare them based on the factors mentioned below. Don’t just choose the first orthodontist you’ve stumbled upon randomly. After comparing different South Carolinian dentists, you’ll find the perfect person for your family’s dental health needs.

2- Ask about experience

They say experience speaks for itself. So you should choose the best orthodontist in Greenville & Spartanburg based on their experience and expertise.

Also, check with the American Board of Orthodontists about Greenville-based dentists and Spartanburg-based orthodontists. You can find many certified dental caregivers in South Carolina.

3- Check their responses

Work with dentists who are helpful, friendly, and responsive. They should answer all your questions with honesty. So, contact them and assess their responsiveness. If they seem too distracted to simply too busy to respond, you should seek dental care elsewhere. Only work with an orthodontist who seems interested in retaining your services for a long time. Also, visit the office to see if the clinic is safe as per medical standards. You can evaluate the quality of a dentist’s practice by the clinic’s safety.

4- Read online reviews

Nobody knows an orthodontist better than the orthodontist’s previous patients. Go online and read how patients have rated a certain orthodontist. You can find relevant reviews on a Greenville-based orthodontist’s website, but it’s better to look for trustworthy testimonials on independent websites. Finding recent reviews is essential; a five-year-old review might not be relevant anymore. Ask around your family and friends for recommendations.

5- Consider treatment options

What kind of treatment options are available for patients? Surveys show that 4 million people in the US wear braces right now; one-fourth of them are adults.

However, your dentist should tell you that braces aren’t the only dental health option available to you. You can opt for Invisalign or other sorts of invisible braces. Invisible braces boost the patient’s confidence, and your kid may prefer to wear lingual braces, for instance. So, ensure an orthodontist has different treatments available.

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6- Ask for images

Many orthodontists upload relevant images onto their websites to help patients understand how certain dental procedures work and look.

You can also ask for these images by contacting them. These images of previous work indicate an orthodontist’s experience and proficiency.

7- Ensure their availability

Dentists are too busy in months such as January. So, you have to book your appointment by keeping the orthodontist’s availability in consideration.

Some dentists have too many patients, so they’ll not give you the kind of individual attention you expect. Instead, you can choose to work with some lesser-known Greenville-based orthodontists.

Ensure the orthodontist’s availability if you are going to enter into a long-term medical relationship with them.

8- Ask for prices

Can you afford a certain dentist? Many American forgo dental care because of money problems. Look for affordable professional orthodontists in the Upstate region.

Statistics show that 23% of Americans have no dental coverage, and even those with dental coverage can’t afford certain expensive procedures.

But you can find some orthodontists in Greenville and Spartanburg who allow patients to go on payment plans. You can pay them in monthly or weekly installments.

9- Seek convenient hours

Life in Greenville and Spartanburg can be a hustle sometimes. So, ensure your orthodontist stays available when it’s convenient for you. You don’t want to pull your child out of school for the next dentist appointment, or you don’t want to have to drive a very long distance.

So, don’t choose someone who isn’t convenient for you. Remember that getting dental care is a long-term process, as braces may take several months to fix the patient’s teeth. For this reason, you have to seek convenient hours with your next orthodontist.

10- Get follow-up care

Remember that dental health can be a very lengthy process, and you don’t want orthodontists to not give you any follow-up care. Patients need to wear retainers when braces are removed.

The process of fixing crooked teeth may take months or even years. So, a dentist who doesn’t ensure follow-up care isn’t worth your time or money.

Your orthodontist should specialize in follow-up dental care as well. So, someone who combines all these qualities is fit to become your dental caregiver.


Some people often confuse the term “dentist” with “orthodontist.” While laypeople often use these terms interchangeably, an orthodontist specializes in fixing misaligned jaws and teeth.

A person suffering from crooked or misaligned teeth would seek a certified professional Greenville-based orthodontist. But how to find the right person for the job? Ensure that person has some experience, can answer all your questions, and isn’t too busy for you.

Consider reading online reviews to find the best professional in town. Book your appointment with a Greenville dentist online and get that amazing smile.

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