All You Need To Know About A Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is also known as gluteal fat grafting. It has gained significant popularity in recent years as cosmetic surgery gained more traction. Several people have restored their confidence by using the surgery to give their body parts a more voluminous shape. The surgery continues to evolve, adopting more advanced practices to provide customers with their ideal bodies.

These services are available all over the world. For example, if you live in the USA, large, metropolitan cities in the USA like Dallas boast professional cosmetic surgeons who utilize modern practices to conduct the surgery. You just have to do your research to find the right surgeon for you. With that being said, let’s dive into what a Brazilian butt lift really is.

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

A Brazilian butt lift enhances the shape of your buttocks by making them appear more prominent. It adds volume and shape to the buttocks without using implants. However, it also has another notable benefit. The procedure uses excess fat from areas several people consider problematic. These include the abdomen, flanks, thighs, hips, and lower back. The fat tissue taken from these areas is injected into the buttocks, effectively augmenting them.

However, various people have suffered dire consequences by getting the procedure done by unprofessional clinics. You can avoid that by getting renowned butt lift services in your area. For example, if you live in Dallas, simply look up “Brazilian butt lift Dallas” to find your answer.

However, there are some things you should know before going for the procedure.

1. Are You An ideal Candidate?

Certain requirements define if you are a good candidate to get a Brazilian butt lift. Due to the possible risks, you cannot opt for it without considering some points first. The first requirement is good physical and overall medical health. Secondly, you must be realistic regarding the results you expect from the procedure.

There should be adequate fat in the rest of your body to be injected into the butt. You should already have your desired body weight before choosing the surgery. Excessive weight gain or weight loss in the procedure’s aftermath can produce undesirable results.

You may also be required to avoid sitting on your buttocks for a few weeks. It is best to ensure you can handle these requirements before rushing to get a BBL.

2. Know That It Is Not The Same As Butt Implants

Some people confuse Brazilian butt lifts with butt implants. There is absolutely no use of implants in BBL surgery. It can be safer as implants carry the risk of causing infections and capsular contracture. They also do not always provide natural-looking results.

However, some people may be required to choose butt implants over BBL. A lack of excess fat in the body is one of the major factors that can prompt this decision. You cannot get a Brazilian butt lift if you are too lean.

3. It Includes Some Risks

You should know about certain risks before getting the procedure done. Surgeons must use an injection to access the area in the buttocks where the fat needs to be transferred. That area is composed of numerous sensitive nerves and blood vessels. One wrong move can cause the injection to penetrate these vessels, leading to fat embolism.

You may encounter bruising and swelling if the wound does not heal correctly. Your butt is also at risk of getting infected if you do not take proper care. There may be some skin discoloration or odd sensations that can alert you something isn’t right. In such cases, you should follow up with the surgeon immediately.

4. Procedure Requires Sedation

Brazilian butt lift requires the person to be sedated under the effects of general anesthesia. It would be best if you got some tests done beforehand to ensure your body doesn’t react negatively to it. Once you are unconscious, the surgeons can start the surgery by first making incisions and removing the fat tissues with a suction cannula.

Once the fat is extracted, it is purified and injected into the incisions made on the buttocks. The muscle does not receive this fat. It is present in the subcutaneous tissue inside your butt. The last step is to close the incisions and stitch back the area from where the fat was removed.

5. Challenging Recovery Process

The first few weeks after the surgery requires extensive care. You can encounter some pain in the initial week or two, so it would be wise to get a painkiller prescription. Wearing a compression garment on areas where the fat was extracted will also be necessary.

There is a special pillow that you can sit on after the initial cautious phase. It can distribute the pressure evenly, allowing for lesser risks. You are advised to avoid strenuous physical activities that require more exertion until your buttocks recover fully. The healing process is often completed within three to six months but can vary depending on the person.

6. Provides Long Lasting Results

Once you are done with the BBL procedure, you don’t need to get it again for a few years. With proper care, it can even last up to a decade. However, this depends on how well you take care of it. If you allow your weight to fluctuate excessively, it could negatively impact the results. Aging is also a component that influences the need for getting another BBL surgery.

7. Includes Several Advantages

You might wonder if the procedure is worth it due to so much pain and caution. However, it does have a plethora of advantages if performed by a skilled plastic surgeon. It can boost your self-esteem indefinitely if you lack confidence due to body insecurities. The results look natural and stay for a considerable time, requiring no need for another surgery for several years.

To Conclude

Getting a Brazilian butt lift is an excellent option if you know a professional plastic surgeon. It can add a desirable shape and volume to your buttocks in a safer manner. However, you should ensure you fit the ideal candidate description before choosing it. Making sure you can handle the extensive recovery process is also essential.

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