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How To Use The Awesome Features of a Treadmill to Get Your Dream Body

The benefits of having a treadmill at home become obvious very quickly. No more expensive gym memberships along with the time saved by not having to travel to and from the gym. Using a treadmill in the privacy of your home also eliminates the insecurities that many people find with going to a public gym. You can exercise in the comfort of your own house and not feel pressured to conform to dress codes or be intimidated by your surroundings.

If you are considering buying a treadmill there are some terrific features today in various models and price ranges that are very appealing for both walkers and runners alike.

Continue reading for some of the perks included in home treadmills, or you can visit Sole Treadmills for more information.


Treadmills come with a wide range of motors with most sporting outputs of anywhere from 2.5 horsepower and up, with some being high-speed motors all the way up to 4.0 horsepower. You should consider the amount of use and duration that you will be using your machine. If you are a regular runner, buying a machine rated with more horsepower isn’t going to give you a better workout, but may last longer in terms of wear and tear on the motor with regular use.


You can boost your heart rate by adjusting the incline on your treadmill giving you a more robust workout. Most treadmills are adjustable by 0.5% increments making for a customized experience just right for the user. The ability to set inclines more accurately simulates being in a natural environment with varied terrain.


For beginners on the treadmill walking may be the place to start. The average walking speed for beginning is around 3-4 miles per hour (mph). Rates for jogging and running increase substantially with some capable of up to 12 mph.


To improve fitness and protect against injury a good treadmill should have some cushion to it. The shock impact of running on a hard surface can be damaging to joints over time and most treadmills take this into account. Be sure to check the deck cushion of any machine you are considering for purchase.


Today there are a range of machines, some with heart rate monitors and treadmills are a good example of this. Using a heart rate monitor allows you to get the most out of your workout by keeping your pulse in an optimal range.


For physical fitness, a treadmill can be a handy addition to your workout. There is no better workout than a treadmill to get the cardiac workout you need all the while flooding your body with mood-enhancing endorphins.

Features such as places to rest a book or tablet for hands-free use are available along with models that offer Bluetooth connectivity to mirror movies or videos on your television screen. Having speakers and cooling fans is another handy addition to some machines. The treadmills of today are not only great workout machines but offer a nice variety of amenities to make working out more enjoyable.

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