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Best Neck Lifting Treatments

Age is just a number. This means you have all the luxury to make yourself younger. You can indulge yourself with treatments, drink collagen supplements, live a healthy lifestyle, and apply expensive creams to the face.  

However, everything is useless if you forget to treat your neck. The neck is one of the thinnest parts of our body, prone to wrinkles. In fact, you can easily spot the person’s age by how his neck looks.  

If you want to make yourself appear younger, never neglect the neck. Fortunately, there are neck lifting treatments to save your wrinkly and saggy neck. We will discuss them here, along with what you need to know about neck lifting.

Neck Lifting 101

A neck lift, also known as cervicoplasty, is a set of treatments and procedures to improve the appearance of your neck. Similar to brow treatments, cervicoplasty has different treatment methods. Some of them include the tightening of neck muscles, removing excess skin and fat through liposuction, and adding fullness with the use of Botox.  

Moreover, neck lifting treatment is suitable for people who have turkey wattle neck, excess fat, too much skin, and wrinkles on the neck. If you have these issues, you might want to get treatment. 

Best Treatments for Your Neck

As mentioned, there are different treatment types for neck lifting. We will cover the best treatments to get you covered, whether you want an invasive or non-invasive option. 

Thermage and Ultraformer III for Tightened and Lifted Skin

Thermage also called the “non-surgical facelift,” provides a firm and lifted skin with little to no downtime. It uses radiofrequency to heat the skin to stimulate collagen production to restore a youthful appearance. 

It’s tolerable, and you can see visible results such as tighter skin right after the treatment. You can also notice the definition on the contours of the jawline, reduction of wrinkles, and increased skin moisture around three to six months post-treatment. 

On the other hand, Ultraformer III uses a different technology, which uses micro and macro-focused ultrasound (MMFU) technology to target the multiple layers of the skin. 

It also includes treating the SMAS layer of the skin where surgeons usually pull back during a facelift treatment. 

Like Thermage, Ultraformer III encourages collagen production to give you tight and youthful skin. 


If you’re into a popular non-invasive approach, Sofwave is the way to go. In fact, it is another collagen-stimulating treatment to help reverse the signs of aging, especially on the neck.  

Sofwave works deep below the skin’s surface to trigger collagen for skin production then tighten and lift the skin. 

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