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Everything You Need to Know About Adaptive Servo Ventilation (ASV)?

Central sleep apnea (CSA) is one of the significant breathing issues that individuals face during sleep. Adaptive Servo Ventilation (ASV) is an efficient device that provides pressurized air via tubing through a face mask. It helps measure breathing patterns and provides customized pressure deliverables to stabilize breathing patterns at night.

ASV is similar to auto-positive airway pressure and bilevel-positive airway pressure. It helps control CSA issues, which generally slow the breathing rate or cause long pauses while sleeping.

ASV devices are helpful as they help individuals have a peaceful sleep throughout the night, ensuring one does not face breathing issues. Adaptive servo ventilation can be received at a preferred clinic with sleep specialists.

What Are The Uses of ASV?

ASV devices are usually recommended to individuals suffering from central sleep apnea, as it helps control breathing issues throughout the night. Individuals falling under the following criteria are often recommended for using ASV devices.

  • Systolic heart failure
  • Narcotic-induced CSA
  • Primary CSA
  • Complex CSA
  • CSA caused due to brief arousals from sleep.

How to Identify CSA and Consider the Use of ASV

If you are experiencing breathing issues during sleep, you must consult your doctor and visit a specialist to understand your symptoms. With the help of a Polysomnography, also known as a sleep study, you can identify if you have sleep apnea or other breathing-related issues during your sleep.

After a thorough medical examination, your doctor can provide insights on using ASV devices, allowing you to sleep peacefully. However, the doctor will also test your heart functioning and, depending on its stability, recommend using Adaptive servo-ventilation.

Benefits of Adaptive Servo Ventilation

Individuals suffering from sleep apnea and having Cheyne-stokes breathing often tend to have poor heart conditions and functioning. With the help of using ASV devices, a patient can enhance and improve their overall respiratory issues. It provides controlled breathing and offers the required air pressure to clear any blocks in the respiratory tract.

Patients suffering from Central Sleep Apnea and complex sleep apnea are most benefited when it comes to the use of ASV devices. The use of ASV therapy in treating sleep apnea is one of the most beneficial therapy for individuals having a troubled sleep due to breathing issues at night. Moreover, considering the different treatments related to preventing sleep apnea, ASV is effective and comfortable for individuals using it.

Adaptive Servo Ventilation is a handy way to improve your sleep apnea conditions, providing you with a clear airway passage throughout the night, thereby offering you an undisturbed and peaceful sleep. Therefore, after a thorough consultation with your doctor or healthcare provider, one can start using ASV therapy and improve their overall health conditions and breathing issues.

Things to Know if you Have a Heart Problem

Individuals suffering from complex sleep apnea and sleep disorders related to congestive heart failure with high ejection fraction should think again before using ASV. If a person suffers from a difficult diagnosis of CSA and a tendency to heart failure, the continued use of ASV must be checked with a specialist.

Furthermore, individuals diagnosed with low heart functions with high CSA ratios must consult a doctor before using ASV.

Final Thoughts

Before using ASV devices, one must consult their doctors and healthcare providers. The doctors will be able to provide them with thorough assistance on their health conditions and the requirement for using an ASV device. It will help them improve their sleep disturbance caused due to breathing problems.

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