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The Most Common Barriers To A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can provide many benefits to the human body. Not only does it enhance immunity against disease, but it can also make a person appear more beautiful. However, it comprises a couple of activities an individual needs to do. As amazing as it is, many struggle to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, according to a study in the United States, more than 50% of Americans confirmed that they don’t have a healthy lifestyle. There are many reasons why people fail to do so. Regardless of income, the number one reason they fail to achieve a healthy lifestyle is their lack of understanding and knowledge of the steps to take to be healthy. 

Aside from this, here are some of the most common barriers to a healthy lifestyle:

1- Decision Traps

Being complacent with the future explains decision traps. A person with such a mentality gives more importance to the present than the future, deciding to live to the fullest for today while promising to change their unhealthy habit tomorrow, only to repeat the cycle until it’s too late.

Of course, having fun isn’t bad. After all, it’s also a part of having a healthy lifestyle since it helps a person have a break, eliminating stress. Nonetheless, too much can cause an imbalance in someone’s life.

It’s okay, for instance, if a person takes a break from their daily gym routine for a nighttime party with friends since three to five workouts per week are enough to keep the body healthy. But if that individual enjoyed the party too well, they could begin to go to parties more frequently and neglect their gym exercise while promising themselves: ‘It’ll be the last.’

Such scenarios may sound relatable to everyone. After all, many deal with temptations that lead to unhealthy daily living; others may find it difficult to stop when they start. Decision traps play around Dopamine, a hormone in the human brain responsible for making a person feel pleasure and happiness. It may sound harmless and beneficial, but too much Dopamine limits the brain from thinking about the consequences of indulging in bad habits, focusing instead on satisfaction.

To combat decision traps, a correct mindset is necessary. One must be more aware that the best time to have a healthy lifestyle is today, not tomorrow. A person can strengthen this by having a good circle of peers and getting expert advice.

2- Exercise Is Exhausting

To achieve a healthy body, a person needs a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise. Exercise includes many physical activities that can strengthen bones and muscles and improve blood flow but, in turn, can make a person feel tired, in pain, and covered in sweat. Aside from this, a person may not need to wake up early to exercise, but many believe that the proper time to work out is during the daytime, which they find inconvenient.

Because of this, many people find exercising a hassle. They prefer to do their hobbies instead, which are more comfortable even though they’re unhealthy. There are ways to reduce a person’s pain and exhaustion from a workout. It may include warm-ups, getting enough rest, and not overtraining. Also, sweating can make the skin glow and burn fat. People interested in doing work out can exercise during the night, too.

3- A Nutritional Diet Include Terrible Food 

A balanced diet is also a part of having a healthy lifestyle. It comprises food that provides plenty of vitamins and minerals that can enhance the human body. Even so, many believe a nutritional diet consists of food that doesn’t taste good since it’s mostly vegetables.

It’s important to note that some vegetables may not taste good, but great cooking techniques can make a difference. Also, even though vegetables are part of a nutritional diet, other foods are necessary for a healthy body. That’s because, aside from the vitamins and minerals that vegetables provide, protein and carbohydrates in meat and rice are essential to develop muscles and have energy.

4- A Nutritional Diet Prescribe A Limit In Food Serving

A nutritional diet may prescribe a limit in food serving, which is unattractive for those who love to eat a lot. After all, they eat not only because they’re hungry but because they want to taste delicious food and see it as an activity to bond with their loved ones and minimize stress. 

As it may be, overeating can pose a threat to the human body. It may cause obesity and increase the risk of getting chronic diseases. Having limitations on food serving obtained from nutritionists helps an individual have a correct direction for their diet while keeping their food consumption in check.


Having a healthy lifestyle can provide many benefits to the human mind and body. Nevertheless, a person needs to deal with the barriers that may hinder them from doing so. As the old saying goes, ‘No pain, no gain,’ one must exert effort and commitment to achieve wellness through having a healthy lifestyle.

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