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Why are Nutrition & Wellness Coaches Obsessed with Hydration? Explained

One thing that every fitness plan includes is drinking sufficient ounces of water. Whether your mission is building muscles or losing fat, coaches always advise you to hydrate your body pre and post-workout.

However, most people forget to focus on this parameter during their one-on-one fitness coaching or otherwise. But does it matter if you miss to drink enough water? Read on to learn what experts say.

Human Body is 60% Water.

Indeed consuming enough carbs, proteins, and fats in the right amount is crucial to keep the calorie count in check. But water makes up approximately 60% of your body. Not only this fact makes it an essential part of your Meal plans but also, it directly impacts your performance levels.

For instance, when you exercise, you sweat. At that point, your body needs to drink fluids to avoid the risk of dehydration.

You must have scrolled one or two dehydration-related articles in the last few months. A water tracker app installed on phones has also become the new normal. The risks associated with poor hydration extend beyond fitness charts and gyms. They are known to affect every aspect of your everyday life, from productivity at the workplace to metabolism rate.

These are not assumptions but are based on pure facts collected by experts after rigorous research and studies. Premature aging, chronic diseases, heart diseases, and diabetes are all linked with a lack of good hydration.

In short, whether you are enrolled in a one-on-one fitness coaching program, including the proper amount of water according to your body weight is a must. On average, a human must drink 8 ounces of water daily to stay well.

One thing that must be noted here is that, like dehydration, overhydration also puts you at risk. If you consume more fluids than is advisable for your weight, it may lead to intoxication. So, always remember to keep track of your fluid intake.

5 Reasons Hydration is Important For You

Healthy lifestyle choices benefit you in the long run. Staying hydrated is one of the first steps to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals. So, next time someone offers you a sweetened beverage, remember the following reasons to remind you of the need to drink healthy fluids like water.

5 Reasons Hydration is Important For You

Boosts Energy Levels

Fatigue and afternoon slump, if you experience any of these regularly, it’s a sign that your body needs more fluids. When dehydration steps in, you experience a sudden change in your mood, energy levels, and thought-processing ability.

On the other hand, including water-rich fruits and vegetables in your meals and proper water intake supports healthy blood circulation, digestion, and cognition. It even lowers stress and calms your mind.

Spiritually also, water is a prominent figure as it cleanses your mind, body, and soul. This rejuvenates you from the inside and energizes you.

However, experts explain that having only water as a fluid may not always be feasible. When you map out your needs, try to add water-rich foods like watermelon and cucumber to keep good hydration levels in the body,

It helps You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity is a major health issue, affecting nearly 2.3 billion children and adults yearly. If the present trends continue, around 2.7 billion people will be living with obesity by the end of 2027.

Overlooking tempting food Ads is a challenge for many today. Whether you open Instagram or youtube, one in three short videos will influence you to eat food. Even if those are healthy options, the desire is so strong that you may end up ordering food online or cooking something quick but unhealthy. Besides fast food, overeating and excessive dieting are other issues that keep you from maintaining a healthy weight.

Like canceling your Netflix subscription can prevent eye strain from binge-watching, gulping water 15 to 30 minutes before you start a meal can help you lower your appetite.

As a liquid, water has zero calories and is an excellent substitute for drinks containing sugar. For those struggling with weight gain, water can work wonders. Drink it before you start digging your meals and see your calorie intake decrease naturally. Ultimately, a size down of the pants.

Improves Performance During Intense Training Sessions

It’s a no-brainer that your body needs enough fluids to function correctly. And, if it’s exercise, ignoring hydration is not an option as it may result in Hypohydration. Unclear thinking, headaches, and slow reaction times will become a part of your life in case of poor hydration.

As a person taking one-on-one fitness coaching, there are plenty of reasons your coach advised you to carry a jug of water whenever you train.

When you get muscle cramps, water helps those tissues recover. It ensures oxygen supply is optimum and lowers your body temperature. It also normalizes heart rates, so physical activity causes less stress and provides more positive outcomes.

Wrapping Up!

Having a balanced diet works better when your hydration levels are appropriate. Otherwise, you only get partial results. So, next time you ask your nutrition and wellness coach why you are not getting the expected results, ask yourself how much water you drink daily.

It is essential to your survival, as it forms an integral part of the earth. So, next time you feel sleepy or tired, have a glass of water to replenish your energy and regain focus. Until then, take care and keep training.

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