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Why Getting a WAV Can Boost Your Mental Health

One of the most effective ways to heal the mind and spirit is by getting out into nature, whether it be through country walks or spending time near water. This is as true for wheelchair users or the able-bodied.

Here are six reasons why having a WAV can boost your mental health:

1) Sense of independence

Owning a WAV can give you more freedom than you can imagine. No more reliance on public transport, it is quicker to get from A to B, you can go out and explore new routes or places, and you are free not to spend money on taxis or buses. It’s easy to find a used wheelchair accessible vehicle for sale if you look online.

2) Greater sense of control

While some people might take more control than others, many disabled people feel that a lack of involvement in setting the pace of life has made them feel less than in control in many aspects of their lives. This feeling leads to worse mental health and frustration. However, having a WAV frees you from being a passenger. You’re in control of what’s happening.

3) Greater sense of confidence and being in charge

Being part of the human race, we all want to feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Having a WAV affords this and gives you a sense of belonging to the wider human community. You like knowing that someone else is out there with you who understands what it is like to be disabled.

4) Improved quality of life

If you are disabled and the only way you can get out into the world is in a wheelchair, then you might lose out on opportunities to see different people, see the world around you and perhaps even make new friends. However, with a WAV, you can go out into your local town or city to explore new places.

5) Enhanced self-esteem

Having a WAV affords disabled people an opportunity to get involved in their own lives. They can feel more empowered and active in their own lives, they can make choices that they wouldn’t make without this level of independence.

6) Access to nature

With a WAV comes the freedom to visit more distant locations. Trips to nature sites such as national parks are no longer considered impossible. Time spent in nature has proven to reduce stress and improve mental health by enabling the body to access the same benefits as spending time in the great outdoors.

Being part of society, the human race, and being able to use your body freely is a good thing. What you lose in one area (your mobility), you can make up in others (your independence). However, if you are wheelchair-bound and unable to see the world beyond your local town or city, then activities such as gardening and spending time with friends can be difficult without access to transport.

For these reasons above and many more, getting a WAV will help improve your mental health and will allow you the freedom to enhance other areas of your life.

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