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Achievements of the Health System in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Learn about the UAE’s achievements in the field of healthcare.

The UAE is keen to provide the best levels of health care to its citizens, in the implementation of the pillars of the UAE National Agenda. This is represented in the need to provide health services comparable to international standards, and the government harnesses most of its efforts to provide well-being in health care for all groups of the population, whether they are citizens or residents and of all ages. The UAE’s achievements in the field of health are as follows:

Dealing with emergencies The UAE Ministry of Health allocates a toll-free number 998 to call it immediately in emergency medical cases, and in certain cases directs air ambulances to patients, Abu Dhabi also provides a service dedicated to emergency cases for people with disabilities to obtain assistance by sending a text message to the toll-free number 5999 ; Provides details about the emergency incident with the geographical location and phone number that the police can contact.

Healthcare Facilities

Based on the keenness of the Ministry of Health to provide the best health services in health facilities; It has been establishing specialized cities for health care, each of which embraces medical complexes serving various specialties, and these cities are: Sharjah Healthcare City, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, and Dubai Healthcare City.[1] In the absence of treatment from health care homes in the country. ; The state does not fail to send its citizens to undergo treatment abroad, and has allocated a special link for this to apply for treatment abroad.

Patient Portal

The Ministry of Health has allocated a health portal under the title of the Smart Patient Portal, to provide an opportunity for the patient to view his health file, and learn about subsequent appointments with the specialist doctor. This requires creating a specialized account that meets the most important required information, then logging in by typing the email address or username attached Password to get the best health services in the Emirates.

Health Insurance for Citizens

The UAE is keen to provide free health insurance to citizens by introducing a Thiqa program by the Abu Dhabi government; Which grants comprehensive medical coverage to all segments of society including Emirati citizens. Daman also places a package of trust cards in the hands of Emiratis residing in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as these cards enable them to enjoy the best health services in the Emirates in private and public health facilities; Provided that it is on the list of the National Health Insurance Company.

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Health Insurance for Residents

Resident health insurance is directly associated with some details of the resident himself; This is according to the employee’s salary and position, and the material cost of medical services provided to the resident is monitored according to the estimates of the scope of coverage and the insurance program, and within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Health, it obliges employers in Abu Dhabi to provide health insurance for the employee and his family, while the government in the Emirate of Dubai tends to cover health insurance for the employee only. Without his family obligating employers to do so.[5]

Initiative for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

The UAE Ministry of Health, based on the efforts of the UAE in the field of medicine, has been keen to organize free campaigns for early screening for breast cancer, so that this campaign is included in the list of initiatives organized by the Ministry to provide the highest levels of medical protection in the community.[6]

The Smart App “Etme’nan” for the Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases

As part of the UAE’s efforts in the field of medicine, the Ministry of Health has launched the smart application “Etmanan” to prevent non-communicable diseases. Emphasizing the country’s interest in combating non-communicable diseases in the five-year period (2017-2021) within the Ministry’s objectives to provide a better healthy life in the Emirati society, the importance of which is to reduce the number of people with diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, cancer, and others.

Alternative Medicine

In the context of talking about the UAE’s achievements in the field of health; The health authorities have given the fields of traditional medicine professional licenses as well, and this is represented by enabling obtaining a license in alternative medicine, complementary and traditional medicine, including therapeutic massage because it has many benefits for the body, and a number of branches are included under this item, including:

  • Therapeutic massage.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Traditional Indian medicine.
  • Osteopathy treatment.
  • Natural treatments.
  • Homeopathy.

The Health of People with Special Needs

In application of the articles of Federal Law No. 29 of 2006 issued in the United Arab Emirates; The Ministry of Health and Community Protection harnesses its efforts to preserve the health of people with special needs, so that the articles of the law provide for equal opportunities of rights and care for people with special needs in health services, training, rehabilitation, and education, so that disability is never a reason for depriving their rights.[1] ]

Robotic Surgery in Public Hospitals

Emphasizing the development of the UAE health services; The surgical robot has recently been included in various fields. Since 2014, the Ministry of Health has confirmed the use of robot technology in surgical operations, including; Cardiac catheterization, gynecological and obstetric surgeries within the program of robotic surgeries in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, where it has achieved tangible success for its ability to reach complex areas of the human body with extreme precision in operations.[9]

The First “Proton Therapy” center for Cancer Patients in the Middle East

The UAE inaugurated the first center specialized in treating cancer using protons in the Middle East, and this came after this technology achieved great success in treating various cancer cases at high rates, and it is expected that the center will turn into a unique destination for medical tourism.[10]

Smart Pharmacy

In January 2017, the Ministry of Health announced the launch of the drug dispensing service through the smart or robotic pharmacy for the outpatient clinics of Fujairah Hospital; In an effort to eliminate medication errors and eliminate patient queues in pharmacies, in conjunction with the launch of the first robot dispensing medication by the Dubai Health Authority in Rashid Hospital without any human intervention; He was able to dispense over 12 prescriptions in one minute.

Smart Patient Rooms

The smart patient rooms are a medical project that the UAE Ministry of Health intends to implement in order to keep track of the latest technological developments in the field of health. The different types of patients inside these rooms, and linking the patient’s medical file to the medical equipment in the room.

Smart App “Atfal Alseha”

In 2016, the UAE Ministry of Health launched a smart application that serves children under the title “Health Heroes Smart Application.” In turn, it came to develop children’s skills and raise awareness. In order to ensure building an integrated healthy life in accordance with the national agenda of the UAE, and to address the problem of obesity among children, this application came to serve the government initiative to confront obesity in children, and reduce its rates among them as much as possible. Obesity among children.

Diabetes Early Detection Program

The Ministry of Health directed the launch of a national strategy to combat diabetes between 2009-2018, and accordingly, the early diagnosis program for diabetes was implemented in cooperation with Johnson Company within the list of initiatives and programs, so that the patient is on the list of diabetes process, and early diagnosis of diabetes helps in the treatment and prevention of diabetes And harnessing the means for the patient to reach options, both preventive or curative, and the ministry aspires to prevent the spread of the disease from worsening in 2021, according to the items of the national agenda of the UAE Vision 2021.

Teleconsultation Services

The UAE Ministry of Health has included a specialized electronic window under the title of teleconsultations on the official website of the official portal of the UAE government, which in turn aspires to facilitate ways of electronic communication with the public, and motivate them to make their suggestions and take their opinions regarding the development of health services.

Fighting Diseases and Epidemics

Infectious diseases and epidemics are among the most serious threats to public health, and based on this item, the UAE’s efforts in the field of medicine have devoted a door to confronting and preventing these diseases, based on the implementation of a number of measures and procedures under the umbrella of a number of decisions and laws, with the need to inform about them immediately.

It also refuted a national policy whose role is to prevent diseases, in addition to launching specialized health programs. It also did not hesitate to strengthen vaccination programs, establish a tuberculosis clinic, various health fitness centers, and a traveller’s clinic; Travelers’ clinics contribute to reducing the spread of infectious diseases.

Medical Conferences and Exhibitions Throughout the Year

The UAE occupies a prominent position on the map of international and international medical exhibitions and conferences that it hosts, which has become an important point for launching its achievements due to its attracting international talent.

Today, these exhibitions have become an important station for many medical companies to launch their innovations, as well as an important place for doctors and scientists to meet and exchange experiences, within the framework of the leadership’s keenness and its quest to keep pace with global developments in other medical specialties.

One of the advantages of medical exhibitions and conferences that are held in the UAE throughout the year is its ability to keep pace with the amazing scientific and technical progress witnessed by various medical sciences, especially since global developments and changes require doctors to respond quickly to them and follow their rapid progress to provide distinguished levels of treatment services to patients.

The UAE today is looking forward to future prospects for the developments of medical specialties by reviewing successful experiences and supporting training and continuing education for doctors in various medical specialties to ensure the provision of the best levels of integrated healthcare in line with international standards in this field, and in a manner that contributes to achieving health security and sustainable development.

The UAE has realized that conferences are a fulcrum for exchanging ideas, converging experiences, reaching good results and providing the best medical services by following up on modern scientific and medical developments in the world to enhance and improve services in this sector, which aims to raise the level of treatment services and develop them to keep pace with the latest possessions of developed countries.

Medical conferences also seek to develop the elements of scientific research and enhance the utilization of scientists abroad to improve the health sector in the Arab countries and the capabilities of medical specialization.

Pubic Private Partnership (PPP)

The UAE has opened wider horizons in various fields for the private sector, which is a major partner to the government sector, as the public and private sectors share in providing high-quality medical services, as the UAE realizes the importance of the role played by the private health sector as a key partner in providing the best health services for citizens and residents, and the integration between the public and private sectors comes within the framework of developing the level of health services.

The private health sector plays an active and distinguished role in the UAE, where there are a series of hospitals and medical centers that provide integrated and specialized health services through distinguished facilities and qualified and experienced medical staff, without losing sight of the availability of the latest medical equipment and devices for diagnosis and treatment.

The UAE was also able, with the facilities it provides, to attract the best international medical centers to participate in the management and operation of health facilities according to the highest international standards. This contributes to enhancing and developing the level of services provided in the UAE.

Patients’ Rights & Duties

In the Emirates, the UAE government has guaranteed patients a number of rights, while obligating the duties to be viewed within what is known as the Patient Charter, and this is listed as follows:

Patients’ Rights

The following are the most prominent rights of patients in the UAE:

Obtaining treatment at the highest levels and professional standards.
Maintaining patient data with the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy.

The possibility of consulting another medical opinion if the patient so desires.
Providing superior protection to the patient physically, psychologically and verbally.

The necessity of providing accurate information to the patient about the required expenses and costs before actually starting the treatment.

The possibility of absolute acceptance or rejection of any treatment method, given that the patient bears the consequences thereof.

The presence of a translator, if necessary. Provide a full explanation about the available treatments and alternatives and their side effects, explaining the decision taken in an understandable language.

The possibility of submitting a complaint about the medical care and services the patient received.

Patients’ Duties

The following are the most important duties of patients in the Emirates:

Respect all employees and other patients and ensure their rights.

Pay the financial dues resulting from the treatment.

Adhere to the regulations and rules for treatment.

Provide emergency cases and give them a priority.

The necessity of submitting official documents that reveal accurate information and data for the patient.

Adherence to the appointments, with the need to inform the concerned authority in case of delaying treatment; This is to provide care to other patients.


Health services have reached the peak of its development in the UAE. The Ministry of Health and the meant authorities have not always failed to provide the best to citizens and residents in its territory.

This is confirmed by the use of technology and its involvement in the health system in an efficient and effective manner.

Smart rooms and robots have emerged, in addition to new and unique treatment methods as well, to be the first in the Middle East, and the UAE’s achievements in the field of health are still developing year after year, and fascinate the world with its medical developments, and this is included under the umbrella of the UAE vision in reaching the top of development.

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