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5 Staff Training Tips for Your Dental Practice

Running a successful dental practice means having a knowledgeable and friendly staff. As the one in charge, it’s up to you to craft a training program that works. 

Curious about how to do that? Read on to learn the five best staff training tips for your dental practice!

1. Organize a Training Program

Every dental practice needs a training program for new staff. You don’t want to just throw a new hygenist or office assistant into the mix. They need time to learn the expectations and ask questions.

Shadowing other individuals is a valuable part of training. But you’ll want to carve out time during the day to offer specific sessions, too.

For instance, you may need to talk about accounting practices. Or you may need to talk about your approach to communication with patients. 

2. Prioritize Regular Interactions

One of the best ways to maintain an engaged dental office is to interact with staff. Especially if you’re a new dentist, you’ll build trust and transparency by talking with your staff regularly. 

While you may chat briefly with a hygenist when a patient is present, that shouldn’t be the only form of interaction. Hold staff meetings where everyone can voice input on processes. And hold informal lunches or staff parties to provide time for more casual interactions.

3. Make Manuals

Give new employees a resource as part of their onboarding process. Your dental practice should have a manual that discusses logistical matters, such as paychecks, PTO requests, and retirement contributions. But you also should outline processes within the clinic. 

You’ll want staff members to have job descriptions and understand how roles connect. They’ll need to know practice policies and be clear on the scope of work that happens.

4. Focus on Patients

Patients should be the priority when you’re operating a dental practice. To make sure that staff members internalize this idea, work with them to develop graceful ways of handling situations.

Try role-playing to go over different scenarios. Patients may be nervous, or they might be upset.

Your staff members should be prepared to step in with comforting yet clear words. They’ll also need to understand dental compliance to ensure necessary information remains confidential. 

How do you know if your practice is serving patients well? Look at metrics, like insurance claim denials or billing issues. And look at online reviews or patient survey results, too.

5. Measure Performance

Finally, it’s important to make a practice of evaluating your staff. Even though you might assume they know the details of their job, it never hurts to check. Consider doing performance evaluations every few months. 

Let the staff member discuss their strengths as well as their challenges. Offer encouraging words and help them set goals. You’ll be able to run a more supportive and efficient practice with regular reviews. 

Learn the Best Staff Training Tips

Staff training tips can enable you to run a better dental practice. Focus on regular communication and hold an official onboarding process. Do performance reviews, too, to keep everyone on track. 

Get more tips to make your dental office better. Check back soon for new articles! 

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