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Top 4 Questions to Ask the Dental Lab before getting Dental Restoration Products

One of the most common questions dentists/dental clinics get from patients is, “How to know if the dental lab is reputable?”

The concern is justified as dental restoration products like Dental Crown & Bridge Products are unlike any other cosmetic purchase. It will make or break how a person looks when they smile or bite food.

So, before you select a dental laboratory for your dental restoration orders, here are four questions you should definitely ask them.

#1 Do your products have ADA-approved materials?

If you are considering getting crowns and bridges, it is essential to ask the dental lab if their restoration materials are ADA-approved.

ADA stands for the American Dental Association – a non-profit organization that sets guidelines for safe practices in dentistry. You can trust that dental labs that use these standards have access to high-quality products and know how to use them properly.

Dental labs that use this certification can be trusted because they adhere to strict safety regulations when producing their materials.

#2 Does the dental lab use authentic manufacturer parts and hardware?

A dental lab should use authentic manufacturer parts and hardware when it comes to crowns and bridges. But what does this mean? It’s vital that the lab uses original parts from the manufacturer of your dental implants because they were explicitly designed for those specific implants.

Using authentic parts ensures the highest quality restoration by reducing risks such as –

  • Long-term wear on your implant
  • Infection caused by non-authentic materials (i.e., metal)

If you have questions about whether your dental lab uses authentic parts, be sure to ask them.

#3 What type of quality control checks are conducted?

Good quality control is critical for dental restorations. Asking about the lab’s quality control process will give you an idea of how much attention they pay to this part of the process. Ensure to enquire about –

  • How often are quality control checks conducted on your products?
  • What type of checks are conducted? Are they visual inspections? Do they involve measuring dimensions or checking tolerances?
  • How do you review customer feedback and make changes to improve future products? If a customer finds a problem with one unit, does this directly impact production that same day or week?
  • Does the lab have full-time employees who perform these tasks, or do you subcontract them?

#4 Do you outsource offshore companies to fulfill product orders?

Many of the products used in dental crowns and bridges are outsourced to countries with low labor and production costs, such as China or India.

Some labs do this without informing their dentist or the clinic at large. So, there is no way for you to know whether your lab is outsourcing its work overseas. It also leaves a question mark regarding what quality control processes are being put into practice.

Remember that the FDA does not have jurisdiction over foreign manufacturers – nor does the ADA require any particular standards from them regarding compliance laws.

Wrapping Up

Dental Crown & Bridge Products must be manufactured in the US to ensure that the products are safe and quality-checked. Choosing a dental lab that sends its orders to other countries should be avoided.

Many unknown risks are associated with using materials produced by foreign companies outside regulatory bodies. If customers get to know about this later, it can be an embarrassing ordeal for your dental clinic.

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