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3 Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels: How It Saves Most Businesses

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are smart devices that replace traditional paper labels. It makes pricing and updating prices convenient. An ESL connects to a global network and receives information through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. It can be used by every small or big business that is running its own retail outlets anywhere in the world.

From supermarkets to drug stores, and grocery chains all over the world, shelf labels are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique benefits. These labels help shoppers to make efficient and convenient shopping by providing them with detailed information about each product on the shelf.

This can also help business owners to reduce the number of mistakes made by customers in their stores. Below are the following ways that this device comes in handy for businesses:

Electronic Price Tags can help your Business to avoid Fines for Overcharging

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), has recently reported that it is receiving more complaints about businesses overcharging customers, especially in the area of online shopping With electronic price tags this won’t be an issue as everything will be tracked automatically and there will be no need for manual entry.

These tags are an effective way to monitor prices and keep them clear and accurate. They also help to ensure that products are priced correctly, and not to be confused with similar products that might be cheaper or more expensive. Therefore, it’s a great way to help prevent your business from being fined for overcharging.

Pro Tip: NFC electronic shelf labels enable your customers to receive accurate, timely, and up-to-date price indications through fast, secure transmission while saving energy and costs I In the long run,

Electronic Shelf Labels Enhance Customer Experience

Electronic shelf labels are a great way to provide your Customers with an easy and convenient way to find what they’re looking for. When a product is displayed on shelves and customers can easily see them without having to take a keen look at each and every item as they walk by this saves time

It won’t only help the customer to make a quick decision on what to buy – but, it will also allow them to scan and check out their items as they leave for their destinations.

Therefore, electronic shelf labels help customers to find the product they want easily and quickly. They also help store employees to identify products on shelves more quickly and keep the store well organized. This can help to improve both customer service and experience.

Pro Tip: With BE-TECH’s Wi-Fi and fingerprint house door lock system, thefts can easily be prevented, and remote access can be granted to customers at ease, after payments.

Electronic Price Label Saves Time and Money over Manual Pricing Updates

It’s no secret that most businesses spend a lot of money on inventory management every year that’s why it’s important for them to find ways to reduce their costs while still providing high-quality customer service. Electronic shelf labels are one way that businesses can save time and money while improving their products’ visibility in stores at the same time.

Electronic shelf labels also enable the ability to track sales data, which is especially useful if you sell food items or products that sell or expire quickly. In order to keep up with demand, its important for retailers or business owners to know how much inventory they have on hand at all times

With electronic shelf labels, this data can be easily accessed by anyone so that changes can be made if necessary without any trouble or delay In addition, ESL makes pricing and updating prices convenient The system is designed to easily implement and maintain.

Moreover, it reduces packaging waste and costs Instead of having multiple pieces of paper or plastic stuck on top of each other these tags come on their own adhesive backing. This makes them easy to remove when needed without wasting any more product or materials, which means less waste overall!

Digital Shelf Labels Increase Customer’s Trust in Retail Prices (Bonus Tip)

The use of digital shelf labels is a powerful tool to help retailers or business owners to increase their customers’ trust in the price they see on a product This is true for both traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and online sellers. Digital shelf labels help modern shoppers to see that you are offering them the best price available and avoid the feeling that they’re being ripped off.


The success of every business relies on its marketing/pricing strategy, and also the way in which it attracts and retains customers. The use of electronic shelf labels is an efficient tool that aids in retaining customers. These labels provide many benefits to most types of companies, and businesses.

It saves a lot of money because retailers do not have to label on their own or hire someone to do it for them. Furthermore, it helps to cut down on the amount of time it takes for a shop or store owner to set up shelved products The ease and convenience made possible by electronic shelf labels make this investment worth it for most business owners.

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