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Discover the top 3 keys of healthcare marketing success

Do you want your healthcare marketing to take off and get much more of your ideal new patients, let us go over the three keys of marketing success for healthcare providers, no matter how your prospective patient had heard about you, insurance listing you cover, recommendation by your existing patients, referred by other physicians, or even catch you on the internet.

A lot of those patients we mentioned will not give you a call or a visit until you have those 3 important keys grab your potential customer’s attention

 Let’s dive in and explain it one by one.

Improving Patient Satisfaction

The first key, is constantly improving patient satisfaction. Lifetime of a new patient is huge, happy patients will come back over and over again, plus they will recommend you to their friends and relatives.

Although every healthcare provider knows this fact, very few of them have an inbuilt system to constantly track patient satisfaction improvement.

The secret to improving your patient satisfaction, whether you’re in the urgent care business or similar to that kind, is to improve patient care quality through the provided healthcare services, hiring professional and reputable physicians can aid in providing better services and help patients to resolve their health problems by giving them good diagnostic service and curative treatment than giving symptomatic treatment.

Nursing is one of the most important pillars in the healthcare process, specially for inpatients as they are in a much more direct contact than physicians, continuous training of nurses on the current operating standards and best practices of nursing care pathways will guarantee the consistency of service quality to a great extent.

Hiring professional staff should be backed up with customer satisfaction surveys through phone, mail or even the facility’s website are good points of contacts with your customer that will allow you to hear the voice of customers as well as making a process and portals for complaints so you can discover what your customers don’t like about the healthcare service you provide.

Facility Reputation Management

healthcare facility reputation management

The second key of healthcare marketing success is a stellar reputation on review platforms and different social media platforms, many recent surveys suggest that lots of ongoing good reviews on social media platforms results in more prospective patients.

Selecting the healthcare providers like doctors, dentists, or urgent care centers, like of those that American Family Care clinics, is one of the most important decisions someone makes, no matter how good of a doctor you are or how good is your facility, your prospective patients do not know that, almost all of them will go on the internet to get more information about you.

If your reviews and other profiles do not reflect your actual performance they are likely to select someone who has great reviews and presence on the internet.

Number of quality connection on the social profiles and the tone of interactions with the patients also tell the prospective patients a lot about how you interact with your patients, if your reputation is well managed on social media channels, you are already started the way to success in healthcare digital marketing.

It’s a well-known fact that reviews of most healthcare professionals and facilities are more negative than it should be, this happens because angry and dissatisfied patients are more vocal on the web than happy and satisfied patients. You need to have happy patients review about you online to truly reflect your practice, you can use health care focused review sites to bag positive reviews from your happy patients, this tool will not only help you increase positive online reviews it will also help you retain angry patients.

look for online reputation management software to track your patient satisfaction score and gauge patient satisfaction using their artificial intelligence based sentiment analysis report. That will give you a bigger picture about what is said about you on the different portals and measures the satisfaction level of your patients so you can make the right action in the right time.

Robust online presence

healthcare facility online presence on the internet

The third key of healthcare marketing success is a robust online presence, robust online presence means that you are found on the internet when someone is searching for you, or your practice specialty in Google or other search engines in your area.

The most important thing is to be found in the right place at the right time, now if there is a patient in your locality who needs immediate attention, you might be a very good doctor but if you do not show up on the top three results in Google Local listing you lose your prospect to your competitor practicing in your area who is properly listed.

This is why local search optimization is really a primary importance for the health care industry, here are some key factors for a high search engine placement, the first important ingredient of search engine marketing is consistency of name, address, phone and ap throughout the internet.

Having a consistent information across the web has a major role to play in winning the confidence of the search engines, which will result in high placement of your practice when someone searches on Google. If your name, address or phone number slightly varies on different web pages your chances of appearing in the local search results will go down.

Next important ingredient of search engine marketing is high emotional quotient in your web content your website is going to define your brand tone, even if you are providing helpful and quality information, an aggressive or negative instead of compassionate and positive tone will result in your prospective patients to keep on looking for the right provider.

 Finding the right healthcare digital marketing agency which will take special care of keeping your brand tone polite and empathetic on the website, the tone of voice should be planned and consistent everywhere you speak to your patients.

Next success ingredient is blogs, yes your patients want to ensure that you are an expert in your area of discipline, blog to not only help you with search engine optimization they also help you win the confidence of your prospective patients. It’s a very convenient medium to display your knowledge and expertise.

The Conclusion

We have discussed in brief what are the major keys of making the healthcare marketing works and succeeds to achieve its objectives, getting a patient is not that easy, it’s a really long journey that would result in fruitful relationship if it’s well managed.

Improvement of patient care quality is a good start where you can get patient satisfaction and good reviews about your services, this would help you retain your customers and get the power of the word of mouth when you get positive reviews from your patient accompanied by recommendations to others.

Using a reputation management platform is really helpful to find out what’s going on out there, it is a tool that will help you aggregate what is said about your service everywhere on the internet, it gives you the overall picture about your brand image and gives you alarms about what should be done.

The digital world has become the first choice for patients when they need to find a healthcare service, they search for the nearby services with high quality and reading the reviews of others. Keeping your data consistency across the different portals and giving valuable blogs will enhance your presence and search engine marketing performance.

In other articles we will speak on different specific topics for healthcare marketing strategies, plans and other specialties in healthcare that needs its own techniques.

Please don’t forget to collaborate with us and let us know your opinion or best practices in comments below.

Thanks for reading !

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