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A Guide to the Best Intraoral Scanners of 2023

Research shows that patients have preferences when it comes to dental care. Patients place more trust in dentists who use the latest technology.

Dentists should improve their technology. This is the case with intraoral scanners. These are digital scanners that capture 3D digital dental impressions.

Not all intraoral scanners are equal. Dentists should know about the different intraoral scanner options that exist. Read on to learn which are the best intraoral scanners of 2023.

iTero Element

The first intraoral scanner on the list is the iTero Element. This scanner offers several advantages.

For one, it has a superb software-user interface. It offers excellent, user-friendly technology that comes with a well-designed overall package.

This is a good option for an orthodontic case presentation. It works well with the Invisalign system. This is why many dub it the classic intraoral scanner.


Looking for an intraoral scanner that’s perfect for fixed dentition scanning? Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan is your go-to choice. Primescan’s scanner technology runs on the company’s new hardware platform, which was built from the ground up.

Primescan is a fast intraoral scanner. It can do a full arch in less than 90 seconds. It’s all thanks to its scanning speed.

It offers clear dental impressions. This allows dentists to get a detailed image of the patient’s mouth. It’s perfect for getting high-precision results that patients will be happy with.

It comes with a large screen. This window offers excellent visibility. It allows dentists to see a lot of the dentition.


The Medit intraoral scanner is one of the newest scanners on the market. A start-up company from Korea produces this new scanner technology. It’s an ideal option for those looking for an affordable intraoral scanner.

It comes in a lightweight size. Don’t let its size fool you. This option offers fast speed as it’s capable of doing a full arch scan in less than 90 seconds.

3Shape TRIOS

The next scanner on the list is the 3Shape TRIOS. A Danish company that’s been in business for a decade produces it.

It comes with a well-designed wand. The wand’s size is large enough to capture data, but it’s still easy to move and direct.

It’s capable of capturing an excellent image. It can do it in less than 90 seconds as well.

3Shape TRIOS is very user-friendly, which makes it a straightforward piece of hardware. On top of that, it’s super versatile as it can be used for crowns and even dentures.

Aoralscan 3

Are you looking to buy one of the most exceptional intraoral scanners? The Shining 3D Aoralscan 3 intraoral scanner is the one for you. This scanner can improve the overall clinical experience.

It gives users the ability to get vivid digital impressions. This can be done in a faster and more accurate way. Click on the link to view the best intraoral scanner on the market so you can learn more about it.

These Are the Different Types of Intraoral Scanners to Consider

This guide reviews several of the top-rated intraoral scanners on the market. These types of scanners are sought after by many dental care professionals. Make your purchase now.

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