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Dedalus has Supported All 6 Al Mouwasat Hospitals in Joining the Elite Group of HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 Hospitals

Press Release – With the support of Dedalus, all 6 of the Al Mouwasat Medical Services Company hospitals in Saudi Arabia have accomplished the highest possible stage of the HIMSS EMRAM. As a healthcare provider for over 40 years, Al Mouwasat Medical Services Company knows that to continue providing quality healthcare and medical services, they need to be at the forefront of medical technology.

The investment in Dedalus’ innovative IT healthcare solutions has eliminated inefficiencies in the delivery of health services and is a huge contributing factor in achieving stage 7 of the HIMSS EMRAM.

“It’s really great to be accredited with HIMSS Stage 7. For us, it shows that we are playing at the top of the game in healthcare and quality.

Our clinical staff is aligned on how to implement the best practices across all streams related to the patient experience. We have created a culture where our staff is more aware of how to keep the continuous enhancement up and running, which has resulted in significant outcomes” Thamer Al Momani, Chief Information Officer Al Mouwasat.

Al Mouwasat partnered with Dedalus with the integration of Dedalus’ Enterprise Management (EM) system, which connects everything from patient demographics to clinical data and financial reports. Information is delivered exactly where it needs to be, creating a seamless flow of connectivity between every aspect of the patient healthcare journey.

This system ensures the continuation of patient safety and overall satisfaction throughout the patient journey, it also safeguards patient and hospital data, supporting the workflow and content in digital tools to meet the needs of clinical teams.

Since the integration of Dedalus’ EM system into the hospitals in 2016, Dedalus has supported the achievement of HIMSS EMRAM score of 7 across all 6 of the Al Mouwasat hospitals. This was first achieved in Al Mouwasat’s newest and 100% paperless Khobar hospital in September 2020. The hospitals in Riyadh, Dammam and Qatif achieved the score of 7 in March 2021 and the most recent achievement came on 8th August 2021 where a HIMSS EMRAM score of 7 was achieved in the final two hospitals in Jubail and Madinah.

Only a few organizations have achieved stage 7 status, as it is the highest level an organization can achieve and are among an elite group of healthcare organizations.

Phil Humber, Managing Director of Dedalus Middle East and Africa stated that “Achieving stage 7 on the EMRAM scale across multiple facilities is no small feat. Al Mouwasat have demonstrated their forward-thinking and relentless drive for healthcare delivery excellence. As their technology partner, we are thrilled to have been a key component of that journey.”

Al Mouwasat has an aim of shaping itself into a healthcare chain that delivers the most comprehensive services to patients throughout the KSA, in addition to establishing itself as a dominant force of healthcare provisions across the Middle East region. This is certainly well on the way to being achieved with this HIMSS acknowledgment of excellence.



The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is an American not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety, cost-effectiveness and accessibility of health care through the best use of information technology management systems. The HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) score hospitals around the world relative to their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) capabilities, using eight stages from 0-7.

In order to reach the highest stage of the model, hospitals are required to be completely paperless, make use of discrete data, documents, and medical images to manage and deliver patient care. Data warehousing to analyze patterns of clinical data and demonstrate summary data continuity across all hospital services.

Any clinical information can be readily shared via electronic transactions throughout all entities of the patient journey. Closed-loop processes that integrate automated and intelligent systems must reach 95%.

About Dedalus

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Founded in Florence, 1980, Dedalus’ meteoric progression attracted Ardian, Europe’s largest private equity fund, resulting in them becoming majority shareholders. In 2020 Dedalus bought a large portion of Agfa HealthCare’s IT business and by 2021, Dedalus acquired DXC Healthcare IT and now has the global capacity to support innovation.

Most recently ADIA invested in a significant minority stake to support “a key international player in the market”. From supporting private facilities in Saudi Arabia to achieve HIMSS EMRAM 7, to rolling out a solution that provides for 2.7 million of Egyptian citizens. Dedalus has successfully implemented 120 solutions across the region and is invested in developing local teams across the GCC. Currently, there are 347 live facilities in the Middle East and Africa using Enterprise Management solutions.

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