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Upcoming Medical Conferences in London 2023

Those working in the medical sector know how quickly the industry can change. That’s why many turn to conferences to stay up to date on industry progressions, or even, ahead of the curve.

They also present an opportunity to network with others in the medical sector, which in our post-pandemic world, will never again be taken for granted. Situated in London, a leading centre for medical conferences, there are a number of events that take place across the year. You can also catch conferences online, in case you can’t attend in person.

Purpose of the conferences

During the pandemic, there was speculation about what the future of conferences would look like, with endless immersive technological predictions. While some of this rings true and can enhance the experience, such as streaming the event so that virtual attendees can seek value from the topics, huge value can be gained simply by attending the event in person. It opens up more candid discussions as you network, for instance.

A conference is designed to inspire as well as inform. Medical professionals can present topical findings and research, which may create further opportunities off the back of the conference itself. It’s also common to attend panel discussions designed to spark debate about industry-related topics.


Attending or being part of a medical conference can be great for building your professional reputation in the field. It’s also a good opportunity to flex and gain transferable skills, whether that’s communication, presenting or leading a segment.

There are plenty of benefits to sending employees to conferences – and they don’t just encompass personal development. The company itself can benefit too. After attending an event, that individual can then relay any insightful information back to their workplace. There may be opportunities within their findings, for example.

The individual will also attend as a representative of your company, championing and exposing within the industry. Consider booking staff into serviced apartments in London so they can relax and make the most of the experience, collating their findings after the event.

Events worth attending

Here are some upcoming events you may want to consider.

The Healthcare Show

Taking place between on the 26th and 27th of April, The Healthcare Show is the UK’s largest gathering of Senior Healthcare managers, directors, C-Suite and Clinicians working across the public and private sector. It will take place at ExCel London.

Digital Mental Health in Adults and Older People

Hosted by The Royal Society of Medicine, this online conference takes place on the 27th April. It will take a deep dive into the digital tools available to help screen, treat and monitor mental health.

Developing Skills as a Medical Director

This online conference is hosted by Healthcare Conferences UK and promises tremendous insight for current and aspiring Medical Directors.

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