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Sanofi launches an Innovation Platform for Next-Generation Pharma in Egypt

Sanofi, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide recently launched a campaign in Egypt to announce a new initiative to drive the future of the pharmaceutical industry to the next generation.

This initiative is called the “Sanofi Innovation Platform” in Egypt which allows digital health startups, digital marketing agencies, and innovators that have innovative ideas and digital solutions to overcome the challenges in the Egyptian pharma sector.

Sanofi Egypt announced through its campaign the willingness to cooperate with startups working in the digital health sector and innovators to develop the pharmaceutical business sector in Egypt through smart solutions in all functional operations.

Sanofi Identifies the Challenges in the Egyptian Pharma Sector

Prior to the start of this initiative, Sanofi was able to identify the challenges facing the pharmaceutical sector in Egypt and decided to work with and advise startups and owners of smart and digital solutions who are able to overcome these challenges through innovation.

Sanofi Egypt has started to present some challenges to search for digital solutions to them, and there will be more and more challenges that will be tackled in the future.

Sanofi Egypt’s initiative is the first of its kind in the Egyptian pharmaceutical sector to modernize this vital sector and work on scalable solutions that facilitate the daily work for companies and can be expanded in the future

Sanofi mentioned that its “Sanofi Innovation Platform” will continue to receive innovative solutions and ideas, it evaluated according to their ability to solve these challenges and other criteria.

Startups and innovators who have solutions and valuable ideas that are able to overcome these challenges will have an opportunity to cooperate with Sanofi Egypt in developing and activating the concept of digital transformation in this vital sector, they can directly submit their solutions and ideas on Sanofi innovation platform which will go through a process of evaluation to choose the best solutions.

As an example of the challenges mentioned on Sanofi Innovation Platform, the communication and engagement with healthcare professionals more effectively than before, as there have become some restrictions on field visits to company representatives, and this is considered one of the most important ways to communicate with doctors in the pre-Corona era.

Pharmaceutical companies are using virtual meeting platforms on the Internet to communicate with doctors as an alternative solution for field visits, but the matter is not only limited to making calls, and there are more opportunities to achieve greater engagement with healthcare professionals by adding some new features of collaboration, which are dedicated to the healthcare sector and its requirements.

Among the challenges that were also mentioned is the use of digital marketing to provide new solutions in the Egyptian pharmaceutical sector and to provide new models for shifting from paper content to digital content and distributing it more effectively to healthcare professionals in multiple specialties with better reach and targeting.

After the digital transformation has invaded many industries in Egypt, Sanofi Egypt believes that it is the turn to implement the concept of digital transformation in the pharmaceutical sector at all levels to build upa the next-generation pharma industry in Egypt.

Sanofi Innovation for Next-Generation Pharma Symposium

According to what was published in their campaign for this platform, a symposium under the name of “Innovation for Next-Generation Pharma” will be held next Wednesday, November 24th, and its speakers will be a group of digital health pioneers in Egypt, the Arab region, and worldwide, as well as investors in the field of technology and digital solutions, and it will contain many topics related to this field.

If you are interested to attend, you can register here

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