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Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit in the UK: Buying Guide

Electronic cigarettes have become quite common, especially among people who want to switch to smokeless tobacco. Recent studies have linked smoking to many health issues. Most people who smoke find it hard to quit the habit for good.

Using e-cigs can help you control your tobacco addiction. The e-cig also eliminates a good chunk of the harmful compounds you would encounter when smoking cigarettes. In this guide, we talk about the best electronic cigarette starter kit in the UK.

Types of E-Cigarettes on the Market

E-cigarettes are split into two categories: disposable pens and refillable mods. Disposable pens, also known as starter kits, are best for newbies who want to learn how to vape. The devices are single-use only and don’t come with too many features.

Most starter kits require zero maintenance. After the vape juice in the kit is empty, you have to buy a new e-cig. They are also cheaper than refillables or advanced mods.

Advanced kits, also known as mods, are more powerful and costlier than most of the best e-cigarette starter kits in the UK. They come fitted with a refillable tank instead of a cartridge. Some also have power control features to allow the user to regulate the amount and thickness of the vapor.

Mods require maintenance and regular cleaning, which can be too much for newbies. For instance, when the juice is empty, you have to remove the tank and clean it before refilling it with fresh e-liquid.

Tips For Buying the Best E-Cig in the UK

Shopping for your first vape pen can be a challenging experience, especially with the many options that are available on the market. However, if you are a newbie, we recommend getting a starter kit.

The idea here is to go for something simple that will allow you to perfect your vaping skills. As mentioned, starter kits don’t require any maintenance and are cheaper. This will help you sample various vape juice flavors to find the one you like the most.

Another thing you should consider is the battery life. This is critical, especially if you are shifting from smoking to vaping. Most e-cigs are powered by a rechargeable battery. Go for a starter kit that has a powerful battery (a high mAh rating). This means you can get more hours of vaping before the battery runs out of juice.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to look at the nicotine strength of the vape kit. The vape juice strength is the amount of nicotine in milligrams for every milliliter of vape juice. Anything above 18mg/ml is considered strong and is perfect for heavy smokers. However, you can work your way down if you are trying to manage your nicotine addiction.

Bottom Line

Investing in the best e-cigarette starter kit in the UK will elevate your vaping experience. Have a budget before you start shopping to avoid overspending. The tips shared in this guide will help you find the best starter kit.

You can ask for recommendations from friends on some of the best brands available on the market.

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