Healthy Office, Healthy Workers: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Work

Good quality, clean air can improve employees’ performance and productivity in the workplace, according to multiple studies. Indoor air quality is important to workers, with 43% saying they’re very or extremely worried about the quality of the air in the building they work in. As an employer, you must look out for your employees’ health and provide a safe environment for them to work in. So, if you’re not already focusing on the air quality of your premises, now is the time to start. 

Monitor Humidity Levels

Indoor humidity levels typically affect the quality of indoor air when it’s 50% or above. Similarly, if humidity levels are too low, indoor air is impacted.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that indoor humidity should be between 20% and 60% to keep employees healthy. If the humidity is too high in your workplace, microorganisms will quickly grow.

This increases the risk of allergies and allergy-like symptoms. When the humidity is too low, your employees may feel uncomfortable due to dryness of the eyes, skin, mouth, and similar.

A digital humidity and temperature meter will let you monitor the humidity levels in your business, so you can take appropriate action. This may include using a dehumidifier, humidifier, or utilizing air conditioning. 

Improve Your Cleaning Standards

73% of workers say they’d like their place of work to be cleaned every day. While some businesses may get a quick wipe-over daily, a thorough clean is unlikely.

You should seriously think about upping your cleaning though as the more dust, dirt, and bacteria that are removed from your business premises, the better the indoor air quality will be.

As a result, your employees are less likely to develop asthma or allergies. There are professional cleaning services that you can use to keep your building spick and span. These providers are based across the US, including Philadelphia, Austin, and Huntsville.

Look for one that specializes in cleaning commercial buildings so you can be sure that your employees are protected as much as possible.

Let Fresh Air In

Air conditioning is good for reducing the humidity in your workplace. But, when it comes to keeping the air quality healthy, nothing beats fresh air. Air con is a big source of disagreements in the workplace, with 4 in 10 admitting to arguing with their colleagues about it.

There’s a risk that your building’s air con will negatively impact indoor air quality as it can release dust and bacteria into the air that your employees breathe in. Respiratory issues are then likely to occur.

Fresh air is a much better option as it can improve workers’ moods, boost their immune system (which means fewer sick days), and increase energy levels. It does this by removing pollutants lurking indoors and circulating clean air. 

The quality of the indoor air in your business premises is the key to a healthy workforce. By keeping a close eye on the air quality and working to improve it, your business and your employees will benefit.

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