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Health 2.0 Egypt Newsletter | July 2nd, 2021

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July 2nd, 2021

Alright, so now that we know that telehealth works, what is next? 

The healthcare system in the middle east has been notorious for poor reviews. Patients have been complaining of poor quality, long waiting times, and unnecessary complications for a very long time. However, providers have not been responding to that, with the argument that technology that may make healthcare simpler and more affordable can also make it suspect to data privacy issues, identity theft, and abuse. 

Well after 2020, and the extreme effectiveness of telehealth and remote care, this is not the case anymore. There is no doubt that this is the future, but where will go from here? What comes next after telehealth? 

Join Health 2.0 | Egypt’s Omar Shaker as he explains the past, present, and future of health tech in the MENA region on a special virtual webinar with Biblioteca Alexandrina titled Getting Real About MENA Digital Health on July 12th. Register here to claim your spot!

Also, be sure to catch Yara Abo el Waffa’s session on digital adoption in Africa at Africa Health. Link to the conference below. 

In this edition below, you will find:

  • Opportunities:  Biblioteca Alexandrina webinar by Omar Shaker, Africa Health Week, HIMSS Global in Las Vegas, and Med-Tech World in Malta!
  • Featured Startup: DRAPP is improving the doctor-patient relationship with a focus on physician-controlled teleconsultations.
  • Top Picks: How the Middle East is choosing UK-driven tech to relieve pressure off its healthcare sector, Saudi hospitals reach highest levels of EHR certifications, Eva Pharma promised all Egyptian vaccines. 

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This edition is proudly sponsored by:

Altibbi digital health platform

Altibbi a healthcare company providing digital tools to improve healthcare for all.

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Health 2.0 opportunities

Getting Real About MENA Digital Health with Omar Shaker @ Bibliotecha Alexandrina. (Webex Link for Regsitration)

Digital health applications in the Middle east and north Africa

Africa Health Week with Yara Abo El Waffa

Africa Health week

HIMSS 2021 LAS VEGAS (In-Person & Digital)

HIMSS 2021 las vegas

Have you registered for Med-TECH World in Malta yet? [Nov18-19]

DRAPP teleconsultation

Today’s featured company is DRAPP, with its ambition to improve the doctor-patient relationship by providing the best tools for teleconsultations. 

In the video below, Omar Shaker interviews Hady Bsat, CEO of DRAPP. Watch the video for more.

Here are some takeaways:

🧑‍⚕️ DRAPP is made for doctors to monetize and organize their patient journey. It returns the controls for doctors. It is messaging-based and allows doctors to open a video call when they see it necessary. They believe that patients don’t just want to speak to anyone, they want to help them improve their existing relationships.

🔍 DRAPP is not a one-stop shop! It is focused on improving teleconsultations by itself. 
 🇱🇧 🇪🇬 They started in Beirut and established now as a local entity in Cairo to serve the Egyptian market. 70% of their doctors are Lebanese but patients are using DRAPP from 60 countries around the world. Jordan is a potential next step along with the GCC. 

🧑‍💼 They have signed with City Clinic with Seha Capital. They will be starting their marketing campaign this month. 
💰Hady is raising $600k with some initial commitments. You can contact him here:  [email protected]

How the Middle East is using Digital Health to Releive Pressure off its Healthcare Sector

How the Middle East is using Digital Health to Releive Pressure off its Healthcare Sector.

Three Saudi Hospitals Reach EMRAM Stage 7

Three Saudi Hospitals Reach EMRAM Stage 7

Eva Pharma CEO: We will make a 100% Egyptian covid vaccine.

Eva Pharma CEO: We will make a 100% Egyptian covid vaccine

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