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New Smart Band Measures Blood Pressure 24/7

The Swiss company Aktiia has developed a smart band that is able to monitor your blood pressure whether you are standing, sitting, lying down or even sleeping throughout the day.

The Aktiia Home Blood Pressure Monitor Kit comes with a bracelet and a smart app, which can continuously track your blood pressure.

The Swiss-based company began working on blood pressure monitoring using optical sensors 15 years ago and was ready to bring it to market in the spring of 2021, and is using signal processing to take real measurements against a baseline, rather than using artificial intelligence to predict levels blood pressure.

Michael Kisch, chief executive of Aktiia, told the British Daily Mail: “Having consistent blood pressure measurements in all settings was a game-changer for clinicians and patients, allowing clinicians to determine whether a drug was working or not, and allowing patients to see for themselves how changes were performing. The lifestyle they lead improves blood pressure.

The company says the bracelet is intended to improve cardiovascular health by providing patients and clinicians with a deeper understanding of their blood pressure patterns.

Aktiia device is worn as a discreet bracelet that automatically tracks blood pressure 24/7, including while you sleep.

When you first get the device, it comes with a cuff in the upper arm, similar to a traditional sphygmomanometer with a bracelet.

The cuff is used to create a baseline blood pressure measurement, which the system can then use to track your blood pressure using only the optical sensor.

The data is used by the patient to determine how well they stay within their target blood pressure range.

After you wear the band, you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing it, and with the battery lasting about a month, it’s even easier to forget to wear the bracelet.

how Aktiia blood pressure monitor works
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