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The UAE Adopts Metaverse for the First Time in the World for Healthcare Services

The UAE launched, on Tuesday, 3D virtual reality technology “Metaverse” for the first time in the world to serve its customers in the healthcare sector and provide telemedicine services.

The announcement of the new qualitative service came during the Corporation’s participation in the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2022, which is currently being held at the Dubai World Trade Center, in which about 4,000 exhibiting companies from 60 countries are participating, displaying the latest advances in modern technology in healthcare.

Mubaraka Ibrahim, Acting Executive Director of the Information Sector at the Emirates Corporation for Health Services, said that the new “3D virtual reality technology” platform is a fruit of the efforts of the Foundation, and its keenness to provide smart health services that befit Dubai’s position and pave the way towards a smart future full of superior services that meet the aspirations of customers. It saves effort and time.”

And she continued, “It is also in line with the aspirations of the institution, and its strategy to transform its services towards the digital world, and artificial intelligence to enhance the leading health role played by the UAE.”

She added that the provision of this type of service leads to achieving sustainable health development goals, and produces positive outcomes in the reality of the health care sector’s work, as well as being a step added to the steps of transformation towards a holistic service artificial intelligence, and another achievement added to the institution’s rich record of achievements.

The Emirates Foundation for Health Services was able to enhance the “3D virtual reality technology” with three qualitative services that include providing mental health services, enhancing family health, and improving customer happiness, making it the first institution in the world to provide medical services through virtual reality using the “Metaverse” technology.

The qualitative technology allows various members of the Emirati society to enter the virtual world through smart devices, which expands the scope of service access to large segments of individuals and enhances the experience of customers through a package of innovative proactive services that allow them to access the institution through virtual reality, in line with the institution’s orientations towards improving the quality and comprehensiveness of services in a manner befitting the status of the state and its global presence.

The service that is unique to the Emirates Health Services Corporation, at the global level, allows all members of the UAE community and its visitors to live a unique experience by moving them in the facilities of the Emirates Corporation for Health Services through “3D virtual reality technology”.

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