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GE Healthcare Unveils its Latest Innovative Solutions to Advance the Healthcare Sector in the Middle East

Press-Release: In line with its plans to understand the most pressing problems in the healthcare sector and find appropriate solutions to them, GE Healthcare intends to unveil a number of innovative technology solutions that cover the entire healthcare spectrum in cooperation with its partners, including patient examination, diagnosis, treatment planning, guidance and monitoring As part of its participation in the “Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2022”, which is being held at the Dubai World Trade Center from January 24 to 27.

In the midst of the global pandemic and the increasing pressures on the healthcare sector, the company took the initiative to accelerate innovations supported by artificial intelligence and digital solutions with the aim of contributing to a qualitative leap in the provision of health care services in the region and the world, thus facilitating the provision of services and enhancing their efficiency for doctors and health systems, and making them more personalized and accurate for patients.

The past two years have exposed the fragility of the global health care system, which has created an urgent need for new technologies and solutions that can help clinicians deal with people with severe cases of COVID-19, advanced diseases such as cancer and heart disease, the backlog of non-urgent care cases, and aging among the population, as they struggle with exhaustion and a shortage of manpower.

In order to meet these needs, GE Healthcare will showcase a range of smart technologies and solutions at Arab Health 2022, which will provide the necessary assistance to healthcare systems in terms of:

  • Enhancing levels of efficiency and productivity;
  • Reducing levels of job burnout among clinicians;
  • Empowering clinicians by providing access to AI and analytics solutions where and when they need it;
  • Laying the foundations for a more resilient and sustainable healthcare sector;
  • Enhance levels of access to care.

On this occasion, Nael Dabbagh, general manager of GE Healthcare for the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Central Asia region, said: “With the healthcare sector’s ongoing battle against the pandemic, GE Healthcare recognizes the need to help doctors and medical experts.

“Healthcare professionals in the region are encouraged to practice their work more efficiently to improve the levels of patient care. We have all the ingredients necessary to harness our expertise and medical knowledge to continue innovation and provide technologies and solutions based on artificial intelligence and digital technology to support the healthcare sector in facing the most pressing challenges in the sector.”

By collaborating with customers and partners to understand the critical needs of radiologists and hospital management staff, GE Healthcare has focused on creating new solutions and harnessing the capabilities of its intelligent Edison healthcare information platform to help service providers achieve greater levels of efficiency and reduction of errors, speed up the delivery of appropriate treatments and enhance access to care.

During its participation in the 2022 edition of the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference, GE Healthcare is showcasing a new list of automated, data-driven and AI-powered solutions to help enhance levels of diagnostic trust, reduce burdens of care, and improve workflow in healthcare systems across the region. :

SIGNA Hero MRI system

This new system takes its name from frontline heroes who continue to care for the critically ill and deal with backlogs of non-urgent care while grappling with burnout and workforce shortages.

The new 3 Tesla (3.0T) magnetic field imaging system provides new work dynamics and AIR Recon DL algorithmic improvements to help frontline champions meet today’s most pressing needs in the healthcare industry such as improving productivity and enhancing patient comfort and sustainability.

Revolution Apex

The platform provides exceptional image quality and low-dose imaging for routine and challenging cases in many areas of care with enhanced clinical capabilities and built-in development and upgrade options.

Allia Platform

This platform is designed to enhance the user experience, improve workflow efficiency, and increase the adoption of advanced image guidance in daily practice, all of which are important factors in today’s increasingly stressful healthcare environment.

In addition to customizing the interventional or hybrid operating room with a single click on the user interface, and employing the capabilities of the “Edison” platform, the system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence with the “AutoRight” feature, an advanced intrusive image series based on artificial intelligence technology; and Liver ASSIST Virtual Parenchyma, a 3D modeling software solution designed to provide a virtual blueprint of visceral tissue based on artificial intelligence to help clinicians dynamically simulate injections and confidently perform liver embolization procedures.

Vscan Air Portable Ultrasound Device

This device provides clinicians with real-time information at the point of clinical care when needed.

The portable, pocket-sized wireless device provides crystal-clear image quality, full-body imaging capabilities, and easy-to-use software within clinicians’ reach.

The dual sensor enables full-body scanning by rotating the dual wireless sensor (for deep and shallow scanning) and pressing a button to take pictures.

VScanAir provides a high-performance ultrasound system in the form of a lightweight portable device designed to improve the patient experience and enable access to ultrasound technology – and enable patient engagement through instant image sharing in a simple way to view the target area and take pictures and share it.

Voluson E10

The Voluson E10 ultrasound imaging system provides reliable and efficient care at all times, keeping clinicians up to date with the latest trends in women’s healthcare.

The system has the most advanced imaging capabilities combined with efficiency and safety features to help clinicians answer patients’ inquiries faster and more confidently.


This platform simplifies the flow of cardiac data throughout the department, providing secure role-based access to all who need it.

CareStation 750 Anesthesia System

This system provides customized anesthesia treatments according to individual needs to manage diverse and difficult cases in the operating room in a manner that ensures better results.

Advanced clinical tools for low-flow anesthesia and LPV strategies allow precise control of the anesthesia process, while direct or direct access to functions helps relieve stress and tension in crowded operating rooms.

OnWatch Predict

The system provides predictive services based on critical components in medical records and takes advantage of artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive services thanks to its active and predictive remote communication capabilities, thus moving health care facilities from unexpected interruptions to provide services according to advance plans.

The system ensures fewer interruptions and faster response and decision-making, while maintaining high-quality images, as GE Healthcare will proactively communicate and facilitate rapid decision-making with minimal intervention, allowing healthcare professionals to devote more time to patient care.

On the sidelines of its participation in the region’s leading healthcare exhibition, which brings together more than 56,000 healthcare professionals from 60 countries, GE Healthcare is expected to conclude a number of deals with healthcare service providers in order to meet healthcare needs. growing in the region.

GE Healthcare is committed to enabling healthcare professionals to support patients with the best possible outcomes through the use of smart, innovative, and highly efficient solutions.

Today, GE Healthcare is the partner of choice for a number of healthcare service providers in the region, working closely with its partners and customers to meet the growing needs of the healthcare sector.

About GE Healthcare

A $19.8 billion business unit of General Electric (NYSE: GE). As a leading provider of medical imaging, follow-up, biomanufacturing, cell therapies and gene therapies, GE Healthcare delivers precise diagnosis, treatment and follow-up through smart devices, data analytics, and other applications and services.

With more than 100 years of industry experience and more than 50,000 employees worldwide, the company works to deliver the best outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, researchers, and life sciences companies around the world.

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