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Healthcare Technology, How it Will Transform Nursing Workflow?

There has been a lot of talk about how technology can improve patient outcomes, but there is a huge impact on nursing as well.

Among the positives: greater accuracy, fewer injuries to employees, and better information dissemination.

The healthcare industry is relying on technology to make up for the nursing shortage and improve patient outcomes as well.

But it’s time to stop and assess the impact of healthcare technology on nursing, the world’s largest healthcare workforce.

There are many roles played by nursing service providers in the field of healthcare, and the nursing sector includes the largest number of workers in this field.

For example, the nursing workforce in a country like the United States is the size of the army.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4 million and 600,000 female nurses at the end of 2017.

Until 2020, the number had increased significantly, but according to the National Council of State Councils for Nursing, there is still a shortage of the nursing human cadre, and this applies to most countries the world.

From here was the trend to digitize the sector and the use of healthcare technology… How were the results?

Continuous Development in Healthcare Technology

healthcare technology and its impact on the future of healthcare and patient outcome

The digital transformation in healthcare and related healthcare technology is accelerating, to help solve this staff shortage.

The past year has been a successful year for the health IT industry, according to the semi-annual review of the health IT market from Healthcare Growth Partners.

Investments in assistive technology, Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) and other healthcare technology innovations are seeing similar increases.

Lots of things and behaviors in nursing have changed over the last 40 years.

As technology advances, many aspects of nursing have improved, with more accuracy, better patient outcomes, fewer injuries to staff, and better information dissemination.

Technologies such as some types of pumps, electronic graphs, and remote monitoring used in nursing work have changed a lot.

Intravenous pumps automatically control doses and drops, and electronic graphs are replacing the quick, handwritten scribbles of healthcare professionals.

New healthcare technology is automating business processes and patient safety procedures. remote monitoring devices make it possible to monitor a patient’s condition even if the nurse or patient is on the move.

Nursing experts and designers of the new machines say technology has made nursing specialties at the forefront and more desirable.

Today the job of a nurse is made easier, as we have the efficiency of having medical records at our fingertips.

The trend towards nursing specialties is even greater thanks to the entry of healthcare technology into this sector.

They have improved communication, enhanced documentation, introduced evidence-based practices, and led to many high-quality innovations, providing a safer and more efficient work environment.

These positive advantages that accrue to patients are clear.

The importance of healthcare technology assistance in the daily work of nurses has brought about a clear health revolution.

For example, giving five patients their medication at about 9 a.m. may seem simple and routine, but it’s often not so simple.

A consultant in health informatics and digital strategy and a professor at Baylor College of Medicine says that there are many cases in which the patient may refrain from taking the necessary medication, or other reasons prevent this, which affects the patient’s health and the level of medical service in general.

While the techniques in this field can be invaluable to nurses. Today, healthcare technology is at the heart of work for all uses. And when the technology is down for whatever reason in the hospital, it’s a huge disruption for a very busy, multitasking nurse. Especially when it comes to entering data or obtaining some data.

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The UAE Adopted Healthcare Technology

With the aim of studying the impact of healthcare technology development on the practice of the nursing profession, and under the slogan “The Future of Nursing in the Age of Technological Development”, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the UAE organized the first nursing conference in 2018.

Using Latest Healthcare Technology

The participants emphasized the importance of providing the latest technical and technological services in various types of Healthcare, especially in the nursing sector, given the importance of integrating technology into health care services to help nursing cadres keep abreast of the latest developments in nursing technology and modern nursing practices to deal with daily challenges, with robots entering the field of healthcare services, and their success in providing the best results in the ideal time and less margin of human error, and the importance of benefiting from artificial intelligence and advanced healthcare technology and exploiting them in developing medical and operational efficiency.

Nursing Informatics

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection considers nursing informatics to be one of the vital areas in the field of nursing care at the global level, with the aim of training and guiding nursing cadres in the Emirates on the use of medical information technology, to improve the level of health care provided to patients, in an effort to achieve the Ministry’s strategy to enhance community health by providing health services Comprehensive, innovative and sustainable that exceeds expectations for a happy society and with global standards.

Attraction of Nursing Workforce

In the UAE, one of the most important initiatives at the regional level in this field is the national initiative to enhance the attractiveness of nursing, which aims to attract national cadres at the state level with the number and quality appropriate to the health needs of the community, which contributes to providing distinguished healthcare that suits the country’s environment and culture and helps to implement Plans to localize the profession, ensuring a prominent position for the UAE at the forefront of the healthcare industry in the region and the world.

The Conclusion

There are plenty of advances every day, as tech-savvy consumers bring the Internet of Medical Things into healthcare and nursing through their wearables, apps, and data.

And that Because many diseases and premature deaths are caused by behaviors that can be changed, and specialists stress that technology can change behavior.

Healthcare Technology is also useful in the early identification of health problems, allowing for earlier intervention and better outcomes.

Sophisticated computing and machine learning must also play a role in much of the healthcare IOMT to have the most powerful and significant impacts on patient care and outcomes, and to make the work of nurses more innovative and less need for hacks. Sophisticated computing requires processing data close to its source.

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