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What To Look For In An Ultra Low Freezer For Life Sciences

Bioprocessing is used in various industries and requires exact technologies capable of freezing, thawing, and, ultimately, preserving the sensitive materials. As the demand for ultra-low temperature freezers grows, pharmaceutical, biotech, and related field experts need state-of-the-art operating systems to store their applications and manufacturing. The manufacturing and bioprocessing needs vary by application and therefore require cold chain solutions capable of housing materials in temperatures from +40 to -80 degrees Celsius.

Meeting the needs of consumers is possible with products made by world-class engineering. However, not every ultra-low freezer can preserve the life science materials as effectively or for as long as advanced infrastructure freezers. The only way to ensure that solutions remain scalable and adaptable is to utilize freezer products with the best capabilities available. While affording the ideal equipment is easier said than done, it is possible with the right financing accommodations.

With the awareness that life science materials require the best ultra-low temperature freezers, the following article will go into detail about what features to look for in the freezers available for purchase. From the level of technology to the cost-effectiveness of the freezers, there are a multitude of factors to consider before deciding on the right product. Read on for insight on what to look for in an exceptional ultra low freezer purchase.

What is Ultra-low Freezing?

Ultra-low temperature freezing is a technology that supports manufacturing, life science, and research by preserving and safeguarding materials like cells, tissues, organs, and various types of pharmaceuticals at very low temperatures. Unlike traditional refrigeration or freezing, an ultra low freezer contains technology that allows for the preservation of biological materials for elongated periods. Not only does this storage method allow a longer storage time, but it also slows cellular metabolism; this means that deterioration does not occur significantly for the stored biological materials exposed to these temperatures. Advanced ultra low freezer technology is useful in healthcare, biotech, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Why are These Advanced Freezers Needed?

The helpfulness of the ultra low freezer cannot be understated. Organizations focused on supporting human health and disease prevention and those managing therapeutic and medicinal experiments lean on this advanced freezing technology to care for the keeping of sensitive specimens, vaccines, and other life science materials that lead to positive outcomes for human health.

All around the world, this advanced technology serves humanity by preserving the sensitive life materials needed to make scientific discoveries; these discoveries ultimately enhance human health and establish medical solutions to cure, treat, and prevent severe diseases, viruses, and health concerns. 

What To Look For In An Ultra Low Freezer For Life Sciences

Temperature Storage Created For Life Science Applications

You want your materials to last, and that requires proper storage. To date, there are only three ultra-low-temperature freezers for sale that range from -20 degrees Celsius to -80 degrees Celsius; the Ultra-Low Chamber, the Ultra-Low Chamber “Pallet,” and the ULC-259.

A contributing factor to the limited options of an ultra low freezer that meets these storage needs is the difficulty of establishing ways to store biological and tissue material from donor samples. Be sure to look for an ultra-low freezer that stores materials created for life science applications.

Meets Scalability Requirements

There is now an ongoing need among global manufacturers to obtain freezers created for significant storage needs at ultra low temperatures. Likewise, drug manufacturers are expected to create and release products rapidly.

In order to meet the demands around the world, manufacturing and distribution needs must be completed via bulk storage solutions. It is essential that the ultra low freezer you purchase can meet the storage scalability required to store and distribute life science materials and final drug products. The ultra low freezer scalability depends on the customizations you set in motion when discussing your options with a trusted ultra low freezer manufacturer.

Rapid Recovery Capabilities

Industries that serve pharma, biopharma, and biorepository customers rely on freezer engineers for frequent usage. With the demand growing rapidly, engineers require freezers capable of rapid recovery from high traffic and constant access.

Door opening resiliency is necessary for the refrigeration system to stay durable and usable and must be sound enough to prevent hindering the temperature needs that fulfill the process of pulling, packing, and shipping.

Light-weight materials combined with solid durability are ideal for freezers exposed to consistent usage, as are those with forced-air refrigeration systems; these systems ensure that temperature uniformity is sustained even when ultra low freezer doors are opened consistently.

Ease Of Handling During Transport

Ensure that the freezers you’re considering have material handling systems designed to meet the needs of manufacturing processes. For product transfers to go as efficiently as possible, ease of material handling must take place for every ultra low temperature freezer purchase.

Solutions such as portable carts and custom solutions (which improve the flow of your processes and productivity) are additional add-ons to look out for when selecting the product transfer equipment for your ultra low freezer.

Sufficient Chamber Accommodations

Beyond ease of handling during transport, ease should also be present regarding chamber accommodations. Look for freezers with designs that minimize the effort involved in accessing the products, substances, or samples by hand. Chambers with sliding racks or carts can make it easier to access the needed materials without the need to grab the materials by hand. In this way, you avoid the possibility of fumbling and dropping sensitive materials when reaching for them.

Offers Financing Options

The global urgency and need for ultra low freezer accessibility is growing at an alarming rate. Thus, the need for financial accommodations is necessary. Ensure that the new equipment you’re purchasing can be acquired with financial services you can lean on.

Ask about equipment financing and business financing solutions to get the storage solutions you need immediately. Moreover, make sure that the financing options are fair. Look for offers like “no money down” and other financial flexibility terms that meet your financial capabilities.

Considers Usage Needs

You need more than proper storage to ensure you’re receiving quality equipment. Verify that your ultra low freezer was designed with usage needs in mind. For instance, can your ultra low freezer support the purposes of clinical trial kitting and processes for logistics prep?

The design and durability of your ultra low temperature freezer should be created with all of the essential capabilities you need to carry out what it is used for. Whether you’re accessing materials or loading them, your ultra low freezer should have the means to accommodate all of these acts without disrupting the stability of the infrastructure or stored material.

Intelligent Organization Systems

You want your freezer to not only preserve your materials via temperature uniformity but through physical support as well. Look for an ultra low freezer with innovative drawer systems that can store specific life science materials, such as clinical donor bags, bottles, and shippable packaging, so that everything has a secure spot and is not susceptible to breakage during storage or transport.

The storage solutions inside the freezer should be weight-controlled in that the stored materials are not heavier than the shelving can accommodate. Density considerations should be made with maximized storage solutions in mind.

Contains Convection-based Cooling

There is now an even better way to improve temperature uniformity and recovery with ultra-low temperature freezers. Convection-based cooling is a process by which air at the target temperature is forced through a chamber. In doing this, enough air volume is sent through the area consistently, allowing for repeat cooling to move through the enclosure of the chamber.

This technology is instrumental for bulk loading (such as in commercial drug manufacturing). This process is recommended for any ultra low freezer equipment you select as it is more efficient for temperature consistency and reduces the amount of compressor stress which elongates the longevity of the equipment.

How To Know If You Need Convection-based Cooling

While not every life science application needs these processes for efficient storage, it may be beneficial in some instances. If your projects require convection cooling, you are likely dealing with frequent door openings, special material handlings and full transfer carts, larger loads, and high-volume materials.

Meets Industry-standard Requirements

As the technology for preserving biological materials and drug products grows, the demand for an advanced ultra low freezer increases. Ensure that the cold storage equipment you purchase can meet the cold chain integrity you need to store your materials. Bear in mind that particular life science materials, such as mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines, must be maintained at specific ultracold temperature requirements.

Get the right equipment to better your discoveries for the future of health.

Get started in your search for the ideal ultra low freezer and ask about any specific customizations you need to meet your project requirements. By taking the time to research and finalize the best freezer purchase based on the available equipment, your unique storage needs, and your budget, you increase the likelihood of purchasing a freezer with the potential to assist in establishing better health outcomes around the world.

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