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Advantages of Scheduling Software for Your Medical Centre

Do you remember in the late 1990s when you had to call a dental surgery or a doctor’s surgery to make an appointment and would then have to wait until they found a suitable one for you?

The introduction of scheduling software for medical services has changed the face of the entire booking and updating process and has saved a few receptionists from the stress of booking and rebooking appointments. Of course, since the pandemic of 2020, this software has become even more useful in relation to social distancing.

So, if you are opening a new medical center or are simply looking to upgrade what you currently have, there are many advantages to investing in scheduling software for your clinic. In this article, some of the top benefits that you, your staff, and your patients will experience will be looked at in more depth, so enjoy!


There is no way around it; having a system that allows patients to book and rebook their appointments is more convenient for everyone.

From the comfort of their home, they can look at the appointments available and book one that they know they will be able to attend, thus saving your surgery money and not wasting time. Also, as mentioned before, your receptionist staff will not be burdened with having to book appointments, meaning that they will be on hand to oversee other areas of the office, such as the filing of paperwork and sending off important medical forms.

There are many scheduling software systems that you can invest in but be sure that the one you choose is adapted specifically for medical-based applications, such as Brevium medical patient scheduling software.

Easier Management

Human error is a real thing that can cost your medical center a lot of money.

Suppose you have a member of staff who is overworked and simply forgets to reschedule an appointment for a patient. That then means that the original appointment is lost, as is the follow-up, as it wasn’t booked in. With the increasing demand for medical services, this can be tough to manage.

Software designed for scheduling will not forget to cancel appointments, will inform you of any changes in the daily schedule, and will ensure that the patient is sent a reminder email or text, making the entire process much smoother. This will mean that you will spend less time managing appointments and your reception staff and more time focusing on your patients and their health.

Reduction of Cost

Automation and artificial intelligence have the advantage of being able to reduce costs across the board for all industries.

This, once again, will mean that you can invest the money that would have been spent on additional staff in other areas of your clinic or surgery. This can help to boost the patient experience and will help you to retain patients in the long term. It’s worth noting here that with most kinds of scheduling software, you will need to pay for the system monthly or biannually so be sure to choose an option that best suits your financial needs.

Better Customer/Patient Care

It goes without saying that the front line of any business can make or break a deal. When it comes to patients contacting your clinic to make an appointment, the last thing you want is for the phone not to be answered, to go to voicemail, or for them to encounter a member of staff who is tired.

Automation and scheduling systems allow patients to book appointments with your surgery or clinic 24 hours a day. It also means that they will not have to stay on hold waiting for someone to answer the phone, and they will not be put through to voicemail.

Overall, surgeries and clinics that have invested in scheduling software have noted that their patient’s level of care has improved, with more patients rating their service as higher than it was rated when it depended on phone-based booking.

It also eliminates language barriers, as the software can be downloadable for each of your patients based on their native language.

Better Retention

Getting a patient to attend a consultation is one thing but keeping them coming back is another. This is known as patient retention and is usually based on multiple factors relating to the customer experience. Having an automated system that patients can use to book appointments will eliminate them from waiting on the phone, which will ensure that they are more likely to book an appointment. It will also allow your staff to provide a better initial interaction with them when they come to the surgery, so they are more likely to reattend.

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