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Do You Need Help From A Chiropractor Or An Osteopath?

It’s not unusual for a person to experience a certain degree of pain and discomfort throughout their life, but while in many instances this may be temporary, or not warrant a trip to a medical professional such as a chiropractor, other times it may be incredibly debilitating for the sufferer.

Whether you’ve researched what kind of treatments to seek, or been recommended to see a chiropractor or osteopath by your GP, you may still be wondering which one would best suit your needs.

With this in mind, here is a helpful guide that should point you in the right direction, and get you the help you need:

A chiropractor explained

Focusing on the correctalignment of the spine and other joints, chiropractors undergo extensive and rigorous training to qualify as medical professionals, and view the body from a holistic perspective. In treating the human body as one single organism, instead of a series of different and entirely separate systems, they are able to successfully treat a wide range of conditions.

When they are working to correct a joint or bone that is misaligned, it’s important to note that this will have an impact on other parts of the body, too, such as the muscles and nerves, making it possible for them to treat many conditions with the help of natural remedies. This form of treatment is typically preferred by chiropractors, over the recommendation of surgery or prescription medication.

An osteopath explained

Focusing on physically manipulating the muscles, tissues and bones of the body, just as with a chiropractor, osteopaths see the body as a whole system, but they are widely regarded as practising an alternative form of medicine.

With their holistic approach, osteopaths are trained to focus more on the musculoskeletal system, and as such, don’t take what can be considered as the traditional path to medicine.

What are the main differences between the two?

The main thing that sets apart chiropractors from osteopaths, is the level of educational training they undertake. Qualified osteopaths have the right to give out prescriptions, as they hold a medical degree and have identical rights to those of any GP. Chiropractors, on the other hand, are not able to give out prescriptions as instead of holding a medical degree, they hold a Doctorate of Chiropractic.

The other difference between the two is the types of treatments they administer to their patients, with chiropractors using a series of chiropractic adjustments to try and correct joints that are misaligned, while osteopaths place their focus upon stretching and massaging soft tissues to manipulate them.

What are the similarities between them both?

While they may be educated differently, it’s important to note that both osteopaths and chiropractors undergo intense training in a variety of areas of medicine, including biology, anatomy and diagnostic imaging. Both professional practitioners are highly skilled in their respective fields, and both view the body from a holistic standpoint.

Additionally, both chiropractors and osteopaths believe that the body has the ability to heal itself, and that for it to achieve optimal wellness, the body can be restored without depending on surgery or medication.

Do you need a chiropractor or an osteopath?

Which type of medical professional you choose to seek treatment from, will depend entirely upon your condition. If you’ve recently suffered a car accident or similar such injury, and have lower back pain as a result, then a chiropractor would likely present you with the best option for healing. The same may apply if you wake up every morning suffering with a pain in your back, neck or leg.

However, if you’re experiencing fertility or digestion issues, for example, you might be better off searching for osteopathy in Woking. An osteopath may suggest that you undergo tests for a variety of possible conditions, while treating the problem from a holistic approach.

Ultimately, whether you seek help from a chiropractor or an osteopath, they will be able to treat you for a variety of aches and pains, and if necessary, recommend you to the right practitioner according to your needs.

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