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Eight Things You Should Know About a Breast Lift Surgery

A woman’s body goes through multiple changes throughout life. Pregnancy, age, childbirth, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations can make your body, especially your breasts, look different than before.

Such changes may make you feel low and conscious about your body. More so, differences in how you look can also affect your confidence and self-image. But, there are certain procedures, such as a breast lift, that you can opt for to achieve the look you want and regain your confidence.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that can reduce sagging, change the size of areolas, and raise the position of nipples. But a breast lift doesn’t usually change the size of the breasts. Although anyone can choose to get a breast lift, this procedure is mostly done if you feel like:

  • Your breasts are sagging.
  • Your breasts have lost volume and shape and appear long and flat.
  • Your areolas look disproportionate to your breasts.
  • Your nipples are pointing downwards.

A breast lift is a common procedure for women to enhance their looks and increase self-confidence. Many medical professionals, such as general or cosmetic surgeons, offer this procedure. However, it is always best to choose a certified plastic surgeon for your breast lift procedure as they have the necessary training and experience to carry out the procedure successfully.

Things to Know About a Breast Lift Surgery 

It is always advised to research and get your facts straight before a cosmetic surgical procedure. Let’s look at important things you should know before getting it done.

1.       It is not the same as breast augmentation. 

A breast lift is exactly what it sounds like; it elevates the position of your breast so that your nipples face forward and the breasts appear elevated. On the other hand, breast augmentation adds volume to your breasts and increases their size.

Although these two procedures are different, they can be done simultaneously. For instance, you can opt to have an implant of your choice placed while getting a breast lift. This will not only elevate the position of your breasts but also increase their volume.

2.       You may or may not have drains. 

You might think you will have drains after getting a breast lift, but that isn’t definite. Most surgeons do not use drains for this procedure anymore. So, you can talk to your surgeon about the process to determine whether you will have drains or not.

3.       It is not recommended for everyone. 

This surgery doesn’t have many restrictions. However, it is recommended to delay the procedure if you plan on having a baby soon. This is because pregnancy can change the size of your breasts, and the results may not be long-lasting if you get the procedure done before getting pregnant.

Similarly, it is also necessary to consider your options if you are a breastfeeding mother. Although a breast lift doesn’t necessarily end your ability to breastfeed, it may affect your milk production.

4.       They may look big in the beginning. 

Your breasts will look bigger than expected post-surgery, which is completely normal. Swelling is a normal part of the healing process after any surgery. So, your breasts will be quite swollen for the first few weeks after the surgery. But, the swelling will go down by itself after some time.

5.       You’ll need to wear special bras post-surgery

You don’t need to invest in fancy bras right after your surgery. This is because the size of your breasts will differ from their actual size due to the swelling. Secondly, your surgeon will give you a special bra, known as a post-surgical bra, to wear after the procedure.

These bras help with recovery and swelling. You can wear them as long as you want as they are quite comfortable. However, if you want to buy new bras, those without an underwire are recommended.

6.       The pain will be manageable. 

People often think a breast lift is very painful, but that’s not true. Most patients only need ibuprofen to manage their pain post-surgery. However, if you get a breast augmentation and a breast lift, you will feel a little more pain. Overall, the pain level depends on the procedure and your pain tolerance.

7.       You will need to rest. 

Although a breast lift is not a major surgical procedure, you will still need time to rest after it. Yes, you will leave the hospital and be up and walking the same day. Taking some time off from work and taking it easy for a few days is still recommended, as it will make recovery less painful and speed up the process.

8.       You may feel a shooting pain. 

After the surgery, you may feel a shooting pain randomly, but you don’t need to worry about it. The surgeon cuts some of the tissues and muscles of the breasts during the procedure.

So, this pain is just the nerves regenerating after they were cut during the surgery. You may feel these shooting pains till three months after the surgery.

Concluding Thoughts 

The female body can change over time due to different life experiences such as pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or aging. These changes can also alter the appearance and size of your breasts and cause them to sag.

However, a breast lift is an excellent way to change the look of your breasts and achieve a more youthful look. Certified plastic surgeons mostly perform this surgery regularly, so it is not dangerous, nor does it need more than a day to complete.

However, thoroughly researching and learning about a procedure is always advised before getting one. You can also talk to your surgeon to help make up your mind and ensure you are eligible for the procedure.

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