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Getting Your Hair Colored For The First Time? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Hairstyle is one of the most common ways to change your look in a matter of hours. this article discusses important hair color tips if you are going to color your hair for the first time.

New hair color gives you the chance to change up your looks without having to change the length of your hair. Today, you can get any color in the rainbow as a hair color.

Is this the first time you’ve ever had your hair dyed? You’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but now you’re ready. I’m happy for you! Planning and preparation are now the real work, unless you want to end up with a hair color that doesn’t match you or get a bad color job.

There are a few things every person who has never had their hair dyed should know.

Tips For Hair Color

1. Research Is Important

Switching your hair color is a very big deal. Understand the process before you dye your hair for the first time. Experts say that before making a big change, you should do some research. Having more information about how to change your hair color can help you understand how it works. 

2. Choose Color Wisely

Choosing between brown and red is hard enough without having to think about how many different shades there are in each color. But it helps if you know what cool and warm tones look like, and if you know how your skin looks in the first place. It’s always best to choose a color that is different from the color of your skin undertone. Some people who have warm undertones might choose a cooler color and the other way around.

3. Don’t Wash it

First, make sure your hair is oily and not clean.  It is true! On your scalp, there are natural oils that protect your hair from chemicals in the dye. They also protect your scalp from irritation and burns. It also helps keep the color in better, which makes it last longer.

4. Oil Massage

A few days before you get the treatment, massage your hair with oils that nourish it. Then, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the buildup. Because you can’t wash your hair right after or before the treatment, moisturize your hair with oil and wash it three days before to keep it healthy.

5. The 2 Shade Rule

The two-shade rule can assist you in selecting a hair color shade that will look good on you. When dying your hair at home, don’t go more than two shades lighter or darker. This is especially important for dark brown hair people who want to go blonde. This is due to the lack of strong chemicals in at-home color kits, which are required to make a significant change in your color. Because the chemicals used to make complex hair color changes can harm both the hair and the scalp.

6. Do Some Patch Test

You can do the same with your hair dye by conducting a skin allergy test on yourself. The instructions for this simple test are most likely included with your dye kit. We’ll break it down for you quickly. Clean a small area of your skin, such as the back of your hand or the bend of your elbow. Then, apply a quarter-sized amount of dye to the inside of your elbow and leave it on for 48 hours. Keep an eye on the area for the next two days. You can probably dye your hair as long as your skin does not react to the hair dye.

7. Wash Your Hair

A good thing to do the day before you color your hair is to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any product build-up and to even out the hair’s porosity so that the color takes evenly. You should follow that with a deep conditioner to make up for any moisture that may have been lost while you were coloring your hair. It is true that using any form of color on your hair dries it out a lot after application and this may affect your hairstyle. Experts recommend going for the best remederm shampoo to wash your hair after applying color. 

But don’t wash your hair the day you dye it.  People who wash their hair don’t make the color better. As a bonus, if you don’t shampoo your hair before you color it, you let your natural oils protect your scalp from the ammonia in many dyes.

8. Hair Texture

Dying your hair can be just as important as cutting it. There are three types of hair that take on color more quickly: coarse, curly, and frizzy. When you dye them, they become cooler-toned, so they look ashier. People with frizzy or curly hair should choose warm colors (golden, copper, bronze) slightly lighter than their natural hair color. People with fine and straight hair should choose cooler colors (champagne, beige) that are a little darker than their natural hair color. This way, your hair will look better.

 9. Choose the Right Product

Use shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair. Avoid washing your hair for a few days because the dye needs time to settle in. Also, keep in mind that the longevity of your hair color is heavily dependent on the health of your care, so use the right products and adhere to proper hair care routines.

10. Mistakes can be fixed

The first time you get your hair dyed, you might not get the same results as you thought. When your hair is brittle and unhealthy, the color doesn’t show up as well as it would on healthy hair. Then, don’t worry. Make sure to wait a few days before getting your hair done. A professional colorist can fix any mistakes.

Who should Avoid Hair Coloring

You have a medical condition on your scalp, like ringworms or excessive dandruff. The chemicals in your hair color may make this worse. Instead, talk to a dermatologist to find out if you can color your hair at all instead. A hair product made you sick in the past. PDD (Paraphenylenediamine) is a common allergen in hair colors. You might want to look for it to see if it’s there. You have a lot of hair fall.

Strong hair color may make your hair even more brittle. If you are having a baby. At least in the first trimester, don’t dye your hair, because the dye can get on your skin and be harmful to your baby’s health. Look for natural colors instead of bright ones.


In conclusion, there are many things to consider when choosing a hair color. By following the tips in this article, you can select the right color for your hair and achieve the look you desire. also things to consider before you make a decision to color your hair.

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