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How You Can Become More Eco-Friendly In 2022!

Being eco-friendly means living in a way that is not harmful to the environment, and as we begin to realize the impact we are having on the planet, it has never been more important to live in a way that is mindful of the world around us.

We can do our bit for the planet by reducing our use of plastic, opting for reusable products, and using less energy in our homes and workplaces. Read on to find out more.

How to Become More Eco-Friendly in 2022

Use plastic alternatives

Single-use plastic is one of the biggest threats to the environment, and with the damage that we’re doing to the planet becoming more evident, there has never been a better time to become more eco-friendly and start doing our bit to cut our plastic usage.

Many businesses have already started to make a change by reducing the amount of packaging they use or using eco-friendly materials in takeaway salad boxes and coffee cups.

This is just the start – we all must do our bit to ensure we are reducing our usage too. Instead of using plastic bags, buy a reusable carrier that you can carry your shopping home in.

Look for products that use cardboard and paper rather than plastic packaging. Use metal or paper straws instead of plastic. Making these changes means we can keep our planet clean and reduce pollution that is ruining habitats.

Donate used goods

One of the ways we can become more eco-friendly is to donate rather than throw away.

We live in a society where many of us buy things that we don’t need, that don’t get used, and in time, get discarded.

Giving these items to charity, whether that’s clothes, electronics, or furniture – will give them a second life before they make it to landfill.

It is another way of recycling, helping charities and those that are less fortunate at the same time. 

Reusable products

Becoming more eco-friendly can be made easy with the number of reusable products on the market. For example, if you are guilty of buying a bottle of water every day, why not switch to a water bottle that you can refill?

You can take it with you on the go and fill it up as necessary. This way, you are not discarding a plastic bottle each day.

The same can be said for coffee cups – instead of buying a coffee and throwing away the takeaway cup each day, use your own flask or reusable mug to save on waste.

You might even find that by doing this, you are being more eco-friendly, whilst also saving yourself some money.

Use less energy

There has never been a better time to save energy – with the cost of living rising, it will not only reduce our carbon footprint but reduce the impact we are having on the planet.

You can use less energy both at home and at work. You can do this in a few simple ways, like turning off lights when you’re not in the room – this can mount up and end up increasing your electric bill.

You should also turn appliances off at the plug so that they are not using unnecessary energy.

Turning your computer off rather than putting it to sleep or on standby is helpful, as it will still be using energy unless it is switched off. You could also look at switching to energy-saving bulbs.

Electric cars

In 2022, there are a huge range of electric, and hybrid cars to choose from so you can reduce your carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly. Using an electric car means you won’t be contributing to harmful gases that are emitted back into the air when driving.

It means that you can help to keep the air around us clean and help put a stop to the destruction of habitats and the environment. You can also save money when switching to an electric car, you will reduce your fuel costs meaning you can save a sum each year.

If you’re not ready to commit to an electric car just yet, a hybrid car could be a better option, a vehicle that uses both electricity and fuel which may be more eco-friendly if you’re driving long distances.

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