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Relieving shoulder pain

Living with any kind of pain is difficult but when it is in the shoulder it is especially hard since that affects so much of your daily life. Whether you injured it at the gym, from carrying something too heavy, or were in some kind of accident, or anything else, there might be more you need to do to treat it than just take painkillers. It is tempting to pop some pills and carry on wearing a backpack when hiking, carrying your shopping and playing with your children and such but a better approach could be to visit a Physio Mount Hawthorn or near you.

Stretching the right way is key to properly healing your shoulder

Rather than overdoing things, or doing the opposite and holding your shoulder completely still, what often helps is treatment with a professional physio Subiaco where you can learn certain stretches to loosen the shoulder, restore some range of motion, get better flexibility and ease the pain. Then certain exercises can be done to strengthen tissues that are damaged, improve strength and promote better and quicker healing. You can get back to what you like to do and stop having to hold yourself back.

With a Physio Mount Hawthorn you can do some sessions with them and also learn routines for at home so you can gradually make more improvements and return the function sooner than you might think. You can even enjoy better pain relief than you might be getting from over-the-counter painkillers. Usually, the exercises at home are just a few minutes each day, you do not have to commit a large length of time, and that builds up to something effective.

Finding a physiotherapist to help with your shoulder problems

Athletes and sports professionals have been using physiotherapists for years to help improve performance and to promote healing when injuries occur. But it is not just athletes that can benefit from seeing someone. Physiotherapists can help with a lot of things such as recovering from accidents, getting stronger after surgeries, and more. You can talk to your doctor to get a referral to a physio Subiaco or your location. It is not just major injuries and issues they can help with and their expertise means you can not only have less pain and more use of the shoulder, but that you can shorten the rehabilitation time.


Whether you are managing chronic shoulder pain issues or it is something short-term, a physiotherapist can help. Talk to your doctor to get a referral or take a look at private physios in your area. The alternative of taking a lot of painkiller pills is not a long-term solution and is not the best thing for your general health. A physio and the right kind of exercises can help you from the first treatment and it does not matter how old you are. Look for someone with the proper training and experience and give them a chance to help you. You can also look at online reviews to make sure other patients have good things to say about them.

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